6 Reasons to visit Granada

Granada has countless irresistible reasons to travel to the city and discover each of its corners. Strolling through its narrow streets, its characteristic aromas and its panoramic views captivate all types of travelers.

So much so that it has been a source of inspiration for artists and personalities of great importance, even Boabdil mourned its loss. The poet Federico García Lorca took the beauty of the city around the world with his verses, as well as many other writers such as Unamuno or Machado. And as Francisco de Icaza said: “there is nothing in life like the pain of being blind in Granada”.

There are many reasons to visit this southern city, but these are the 6 most important reasons to visit Granada.

The Alhambra

Lions courtyard in the Alhambra

If Granada is known for something is, among other things, for its majestic Alhambra and the Generalife. And no wonder, since it is listed as “the eighth wonder of the world”, being one of the most visited monuments in Spain.

Nestled in the Darro Valley and with an unbeatable background provided by the Sierra Nevada. This fortress is the largest trace of the domain of the Arabs in the city.

In the same space you can discover palaces, gardens and an imposing fortress intact over time. Breathe the aromas of orange trees, listen to the sound of water running through its fountains and contemplate the Albaicín neighborhood at your feet.

This architectural jewel is full of legends, history, art and culture capable of captivating your senses one by one. If you don’t want to miss every single one of its secrets, join one of our Alhambra Tours groups to tour the entire Alhambra accompanied by a passionate guide who will show you every detail. An exclusive experience thanks to visit it in small groups.

Sacromonte and Albaicín

Flamenco guitar player in the San Cristobal viewpoint

In Granada there are two neighborhoods that remain intact over time and maintain their most authentic essence: Sacromonte and Albaicín.

Sacromonte is the flamenco district of Granada, the gypsy art is breathed in every corner. It is known for its cave houses, its flamenco shows and the Sacromonte Abbey. A symbol in the city that you can not miss.

Strolling through the steep streets of the Albaicín is a must in the city to discover the most genuine Moorish quarter in Spain. Nooks and crannies that hide special views of the Alhambra, monuments steeped in history and the most beautiful sunset in Granada from the viewpoint of San Nicolas.

This private tour Albaicín and Sacromonte is the perfect plan to discover the most charming neighborhoods of Granada. Its streets hide authentic treasures, we help you not to miss any of its secrets.

Tapas in Granada

tapas in Granada
Hostel in Granada

Who has not heard of tapas in Granada? A multitude of bars from which to choose to taste this gastronomic experience. All you have to do is ask for a beer and the rest comes on its own, from ham, cheese, hamburgers to a whole culinary experience. A delight for the palate and not at all expensive, since they are included in the price of the drink.

Enjoying a tapas tour in Granada is a must in the city. Each neighborhood has a wide offer, but some that you should mark in your itinerary are Bar Los Diamantes, La Bodeguita, Los Manueles, La Botillería or Las Delicias, to name a few.

Cultural Experience

Granada, in addition to its rich heritage, has an extensive cultural agenda where you can enjoy all kinds of cultural activities. From theatrical performances in the majestic Isabel La Católica Municipal Theater to musical activities such as the International Festival of Music and Dance.

Royal Chapel in Granada

However, what stands out most in the city is its wide variety of museums. The Science Park, the Royal Chapel Museum and the Alhambra Museum are some of the most important.

In addition, there are other lesser known museums, but with a special charm that allows to know the essence of the city, such as the Museum of San Juan de Dios, the Sacromonte Museum or the Manuel de Falla Museum.

The city of Federico García Lorca

Immerse yourself in Lorca’s universe is possible in Granada. The traces of the Andalusian poet and playwright still echo in the city.

A visit to the House-Museum of Federico García Lorca, known as “la huerta de San Vicente”, former family residence during the summer, is a must. Here the poet wrote many of his best works, such as the Romancero Gitano or La Casa de Bernarda Alba.

Federico García Lorca sculpture

Our Federico García Lorca’s Places in Granada Route is the perfect opportunity to follow in Lorca’s footsteps in his hometown to know the places that marked his life and were inspiration for his works. From the family home, the high school where he studied, the Acera del Darro to the Faculty of Law.

Discover the Calle de las Teterías

tea shop streets in Granada

In the centre of Granada is the Calle de las Teterías, although its real name is the Caldería Nueva, since boilers were manufactured here years ago. A simple stroll along it will transport you to Morocco itself thanks to the typical Arab decoration, the Moorish handicraft stores and, of course, the tea shops.

This runs along the area that goes up to the Albaicin from Calle Elvira, another area of tea shops. Here it is possible to enjoy a wide gastronomic offer, from Arab teas, cachimbas, crepes and even typical Moroccan dishes, such as cous cous.

Strolling through this area of Granada is one of the irresistible reasons to visit the city, since it is a clear example of how the Arab culture and the other cultures that have inhabited Granada coexist in harmony.

Now you know the 6 most irresistible reasons to visit Granada, places that have become a symbol of the city and cultural activities that are part of the purest Granada essence.

And once you have made up your mind, you can find out How to get to Granada. We will be waiting for you!