Granada private tours

Experience the city booking one of our exclusive private tours of Granada, with a guide just for you. Visit Granada with your partner, family or friends, you’ll be happy you chose Cicerone.
Let our trained tourism professionals make a difference and share with you everything about our wonderful Granada.

Private tour to Albaicin

Private tour to Albaicin and Sacromonte

Albaicin and Sacromonte are truly unique places from where you will also have the most impressive views of the Alhambra and the mountains surrounding the city. Our experienced and passionate guides will turn your visit into a wonderful experience to remember for years to come.

Private tour to Granada city

Private tour to Granada city

Your private guide will take you to popular sites and less well-known corners of our city to discover life in Granada then and now. Feel, breath and savor Granada to the fullest.

Cicerone Visita granada Catedral Interior

Private tour to the interior of the Cathedral and Royal Chapel of Granada

Visit the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel with a private guide. A totally different experience.

Cicerone 28

Mysterious Granada private tour

Come with your friends and find out about the most mysterious episodes in Granada’s history. Feel the breath of the souls trapped inside the city’s most emblematic buildings. Do you dare to?

Cicerone Visita granada Catedral 02

Private tour Places of Isabella the Catholic in Granada

Granada marked the life of Queen Isabella and she changed the destiny of the city, forever. Tracing her footsteps, we’ll discover all the vestiges of an era.

Abadía del Sacromonte

Sacromonte Abbey and the gypsy’s trail. Cultural light trekking tour

Immerse yourself in the marvelous adventure of the Sacromonte Pathway, where nature and the most beautiful views of the city await you.


Las Alpujarras day trip from Granada

Explore the Alpujarra like never before with our private day trip from Granada. A full-day journey awaits, taking you through the charming villages of Lanjarón, Pampaneira, Bubión, and Capileira, where history and natural beauty intertwine in unforgettable ways.


Federico García Lorca private tours

Get to know Federico García Lorca by visiting the sights that influenced him during his childhood and youth, both in the city of Granada or the little villages in the Vega de Granada. Accompanied by an expert in Lorca, feel thrilled while walking on the pavement and soil that witnessed his last days. Would you like to know the real Federico?

huerta san vicente

Path to La Huerta de San Vicente. Private tour

An exclusive private tour in which you stroll through the streets most loved by locals, once walked by Federico García Lorca from Granada’s city center to his summer residence, La Huerta de San Vicente.

Federico Garcia Lorca tour

Federico Garcia Lorca

Embark on this fascinating voyage following the steps of the Spanish poet and playwright. From his place of birth to that of his execution and the places that served as inspiration for his work.

manuel falla museum views

History of Flamenco at the Alhambra. The genius of Federico Garcia Lorca and Manuel de Falla

Musicians and poets are used as the common thread on this private tour through the roots of flamenco at the Alhambra, by taking a closer look at the history of two great geniuses: Lorca and Falla.

patio casa natal Lorca

Lorca in Fuente Vaqueros: The beginning of a genius

An exclusive private tour in which we travel to the birthplace of the poet Federico García Lorca: Fuente Vaqueros.

vistas viznar

Lorca: Civil war and death. Cultural trekking route

Travel to the places where Federico’s life came to an end. In the midst of the impressive landscapes of the Sierra de Huétor we will talk about where, how and why the universal poet died.

granero casa familia lorca

Lorca’s youth in the fertile plain of Valderrubio. Private tour

Join our exclusive private tour and travel to Federico Garcia Lorca’s roots in the fertile plain of Valderrubio (Vega de Valderrubio). Travel through the childhood and youth of the world’s most renowned Andalusian poet and playwright.