Take your time. Visiting Granada properly requires several days: visit the city walking among the monuments and take part in activities such as: guided tours, enjoying the Sacromonte caves, riding a bike tour with an audioguide or taking a balloon ride… unforgettable experiences Tips for travellers in Granada that with CICERONE may come true.

Learn about the neighbourhoods and take part of Granada cultural life with all kinds of activities that the city offers: concerts, theatre, flamenco shows, and festivals. Take the City Pass (Granada Card) and enjoy discounts and other benefits.


Tapas in Granada

Tapas are an essential part of the Granadian cuisine which forms part of Andalusia. All those who enjoy this city find themselves wrapped up and spellbound by the sheer pleasure in this way of eating.

This old custom has survived for years and has been able to accommodate and incorporate the evolution of the New Granadian cuisine, one of the richest of Andalusia, thanks to its big variety of products. Coming from the sea,  land or mountain, all of them, include the essential ingredients in the Spanish cuisine, like olive oil, but also Nasrid spices, all paired with magnificent wines.

Tapas has originated a concrete way of eating and drinking. It is called “Tapeo” and consiste of going from bar to bar eating tapas. It is one of the best ways to know Granada. Trying out the specialities, exploring the streets, discovering the monuments and, of course, the excellent food. It´s much more than having a beer, it is an art, it is something very close to the Granadian way of life. Not getting to know what “Tapeo” means is to miss out the spirits of the local people and their traditions.

The best areas in the city to enjoy tapas are Calle Navas, Bibrambla, Calle Elvira, Albaicín, Campo del Príncipe, San Matías or Alhamar. We offer you a selection of bars and restaurants where you can take some tapas, but remember you also can come with us in some our guided tours in Granada to enjoy the legends and gastronomy from Granada with our professional guide.

“Tapear” is to taste the city and become granadian for a few moments. Going to the bar, ordering a beer or a glass of local wine and getting ready for the first surprising tasting: scrambled eggs with ham, croquettes, fried aubergines or some fried fish, never forgetting the local ham or some spoonful of special dishes and many more things to discover in every bar of our city.


Tapas in Granada. Realejo Quarter & Campo del Príncipe

The old Jewish neighborhood is an ideal spot to accomplish one of the most traditional costume in Granada. It is located at the foot of the Alhambra. The tapas in the Realejo are unique because of their surroundings and their quality. You cannot miss them out. In any case, remember you can enjoy tapas in some of our guided tours. Eating tapas with a guide makes the difference since they tell you about legends and stories while you are tasting them. Even, they can advise you about where else you can eat the best tapas.

Alacena de las Monjas

Plaza del Padre Suárez, 5

Phone: +34 958 229 519

Restaurant located on an ancient convent. It offers terrace, bar and XV century vaulted lounges, where you can enjoy a splendid glass of wine paired with their exquisite tuna specialties.


Placeta del Hospicio Viejo, 3

Phone: +34 630 718 569

Potemkin has a sunny terrace to enjoy delicious tapas and breakfast. On Wednesday and Saturdays you can have a tapa of sushi

El Trasgu

Plaza Campo del Príncipe, 12

Phone: +34 620 707 190

A  place to drink some cider and tapas from Asturias, just at the terrace in Campo del Príncipe. Vegetarian and coeliac options available.


Plaza Campo del Príncipe, 15

Phone: +34 958 228 227

A cosy venue to taste a wide variety of cheese Jans sausage, and peer them with the best wines

Taberna Toffe

Plaza Campo del Príncipe, 18

Phone: +34 958 226 207

It is a family place ideal to eat traditional tapas and dishes at its terrace. We recommend you to try there broad beans with ham.

La Taberna de Kafka

Calle Huete, 2

Phone: +34 665 953 820

Cosy little wine tavern. Let waiters advise you and taste their creative homemade in a quiet environment, next to Campo del Príncipe. Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

El Jergón

Cuesta del Realejo, 10

El Jergón is a nice place in the centre of the Realejo, whose owner serves good value healthy vegan and vegetarian tapas.

Bar Los Altramuces

Calle Molinos, 15

Phone: +34 958 220 713

Located at the heart of the Realejo. For several years they have offered a wide variety of selected tapas and rations, peered with the best wines in their wine cellar


Calle Molinos, 16

Phone: 958 99 18 44

Cosy venue where Andalusian and Colombian Cuisine are mixed in exquisite dishes and tapas. Vegetarian options available.


Calle Palacios, 17

Phone: +34 958 228 128

Besides their tapas, Ajoblanco also works as wine shop commissioned.

Tapas in Granada. Albayzin and Paseo de los Tristes

After seeing everything Granada has to offer, you cannot miss having some tapas in the Albaicín and Carrera del Darro. There is no better way to recharge yourself after a pleasant walk than enjoying the taverns and bars con the sill of a neighborhood called Humanity Heritage.

A short selection of our favourite options down below:

Bar Aixa

Plaza Larga, 5

Phone: +34 958 275 042

Located at the heart of Albayzin neighbourhood, with two terraces: one in the same square and another in and adjacent patio. Its most famous tapas are migas (bread crumbs), squid and deep-fried eggplant with cane honey. Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

Los Caracoles

Plaza Aliatar, 4

Quality food and a family atmosphere, placed in one of the Albayzin oldest squares. Don’t miss its famous spicy snails.

El Horno de Paquito

Calle San Buenaventura, 18

Phone: +34 958 205 812

Cosy venue with a wide variety of home cooking tapas: migas, brothy rice…

La Entraíya

Calle Pagés, 15

Phone: +34 958 285 311

Placed in the Albayzin neighbourhood, a good place to taste traditional Andalusian cuisine.

Casa Torcuato

Calle Pagés, 31

Phone: +34 958 288 148

A perfect place to enjoy the best Andalusian gastronomy and its original and high-quality food. Vegetarian options available.

Bar Lara

Placeta de San Miguel Bajo, 4

Phone: +34 958 209 466

Bar Lara has a terrace placed in one of the most charming places in the Albaicín: Placeta de San Miguel Bajo. Perfect for a brief stop on your walk through the Albaicin, have a tapa and enjoy the good weather.

Huerto del Loro

Cuesta de la Churra, 4

Phone: +34 625 090 818

At the foot of the Alhambra, enjoy the wonderful views of the Albayzin in a relaxed atmosphere.

Bar Kiki

Plaza Cementerio de San Nicolás, 9

Phone: +34 958 276 715

A nice terrace to have a break after visiting the famous Mirador de San Nicolás. Tapas are plentiful and the wine list is very correct.

Taberna 22

Cuesta de San Gregorio, 5

Phone: +34 649 115 068

Enjoy its terrace and its delicious tapas at the heart of the Albayzin area. Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

Café 4 Gatos

Placeta Cruz Verde, 6.

Phone: +34 958 224 857

A perfect place to have breakfast or a quiet drink at reasonable prices. Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

La Tabernilla del Darro

Calle Puente Espinosa, 15

Phone: +34 609 505 840

At the foot of the Alhambra, it is an ancient cistern turned into a tavern where you can taste good wines and gourmet tapas.

Bar Ras

Carrera del Darro, 6

Phone: +34 958 225 227

A cosy atmosphere by the river Darro, below the Alhambra. A perfect place to enjoy good tapas and portions.

La Fontana

Carrera del Darro, 19

Phone: +34 958 049 449

A nice place by the river. Assorted high-quality tapas to enjoy a wonderful view of the Alhambra. Vegetarian options available.

Rabo de Nube

Paseo de los Tristes, 1

Phone: +34 958 220 421

By the river Darro, they have cooked traditional tapas of Andalusian gastronomy for two decades.

Casa 1899

Paseo de los Tristes, 3

Phone: +34 958 228 306

At the foot of the Alhambra, a restaurant full of history where you can enjoy the best dishes of the local cuisine.

Tapas in Granada. Town hall and Navas Street

The area surrounding the City Hall (locater at Plaza del Carmen) and Calle Navas is the downtown in Granada. Crowding  with local people and visitors, the good atmosphere is assure.

Remember we have some walking tours in Granada where you can taste tapas after learning about legends from Granada.

Puerta del Carmen

Plaza del Carmen, 1

Phone: +34 958 223 737

The Puerta del Carmen is facing the City Hall of Granada. It is a prestigious tavern with an assorted menu and a peaceful atmosphere.

Taberna Gamboa

Calle Lepanto, 11

Phone: +34 958 229 237

Behind the city hall, known for its careful decoration and friendly service. We especially recommend homemade croquettes.

Taberna El Mentidero

Calle Piedra Santa, 15

Phone: +34 958 070 988

Next to the city hall, highly reputed and awesome tapas. They have a wine list based on local denominations. Do not miss their huevos rotos (broken eggs) and gourmet toasts.

Taberna Los Trastos

Calle Sarabia, 13

Phone: +34 858 120 692

Classic tavern with a cosy atmosphere and a large terrace to enjoy with friends. Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

Mesón Alegría

Calle Moras, 4

Phone: +34 958 049 171

Steakhouse with a great tradition in portions and tapas. A good choice for meat lovers, cooked in oak oven.

La Chopera

Calle Navas, 7

Phone: +34 958 135 000

Pleasant place, with excellent food and treatment, decorated with quotes from customers. Vegetarian options available.

Las Copas

Calle Navas, 19

Phone: +34 958 224 294

One of the most emblematic places in Granada, its tapas and portions are recognized among food lovers.

La Chicotá

Calle Navas, 20

Phone: +34 958 220 349

We recommend this place for its atmosphere and the quality of its tapas. The wine list is well chosen.


Calle Navas, 27

Phone: +34 657 340 241

Probably one of the best steakhouses. They have a great variety of meats and a very well-chosen wine list.

Los Diamantes 1

Calle Navas, 28

Phone: +34 958 227 070

Los Diamantes is a famous place known for its tapas and its atmosphere. Do not miss a portion of fried fish.

Tapas in Granada. Alhamar and San Anton Streets

This area is emblematic in Granada, one step to the centre, but not very often transited by tourists. A very good option to get to know the authentic local cuisine.

Casa Enrique

Calle Acera del Darro, 8

Phone: +34 958 255 008

Funded in 1870, Casa Enrique is probable the most iconic in Granada, for more than a century, it has been a temple for those who adore eating and drinking well

Rincón de Cristóbal

Calle Rejas de la Virgen, 36

Phone: +34 958 267 775

This cosy little venue, where you can enjoy big tapas and a correct selection of craft beers and wines from Granada region. We recommend the snails and migas (crumbs)

Bar Ávila

Calle Verónica de la Virgen, 16

Phone: +34 958 264 080

Bar Ávila is the typical neighborhood bar, where the client can choose the tapa among a range of homemade food, but there is no doubt that the roast ham is the best of all.

Loft Café

Calle San Antón, 6

Phone: +34 958 520 933

El Loft-Café is a modern and cosy restauran with a variety of Mediterranean tapas. It is well-known for their rice dishes. Vegetarian and coeliac options available.


Calle San Antón, 81

Phone: +34 958 295 357

Modern and minimal gastrobar, to enjoy and avant-guard atmosphere and update of traditional Andalucian cuisine.

Taberna Britania

Calle Mulhacén, 14

Phone: +34 858 125 536

A whole classic in Granadian tapeo. This venue offers us reasonable priced homemade tapas and portions

Taberna El Sacacorchos

Calle Conde Cifuentes, 31

Phone: +34 695 099 095

Excelente venue to enjoy a good chat with friends, while tasting tapas and portions.

Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

La Blanca Paloma

Calle Alhamar, 14

Phone: +34 958 262 925

This restauran counts on a wide rage of tapas and portions, ideal to taste in a familiar atmosphere. We recommend fried aubergines.

Vegetarian options available.


Calle Alhamar, 21

Phone: +34 958 265 378

Nace place to go eat and “tapear”. Tapas are healthy and well cooked. The have a correct wine menu.

Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

Tapas in Granada. San Matías and Campillo Square

Keep walking through Granada to know the best bars and feel the flow of the most crowded street and squares. At the Realejo neighborhood, near the City Hall, you can see Campillo Square and Calla San marías. Here you are our favorite places:


Plaza del Campillo, 9

Phone: +34 958 223 364

At the heart of Granade, beside the Palacio de Bibataubin, we find this restauran full with tradition and history, meetingpoint for Federico García Lorca, Falla and other intellectuals who took part in the coterie “El Rincincillo”. We advise you the Oxtail and the seasonable snails

La Esquinita de Javi

Plaza Mariana Pineda, 1

Phone: +34 635 561 846

La Esquinita de Javi is a cosy venue, perfect to enjoy a good portion of fried fish

Taberna de Jam

Plaza de los Campos, 1

Phone: +34 958 225 770

Whether you want to have breakfast or a tapa, they offer high quality product and freshly sliced ham.

Bar Hoces

Calle Andorra, 1

Phone: +34 958 221 454

With a wide tradition of tapas and portions, we are fond of there ensaladilla rusa and their selection of wines


Calle San Matías, 8

Phone: +34 958 220 139

If you love listening to good Musica on the bar table, with a friendly atmosphere, at the same time you are tasting original tapas, Loop is your place.

Taberna el Aviso

Calle Rosario, 1

Phone: +34 649 855 575

Ideal to enjoy big tapas along with a fresh beer. We recommend coal octopus and huevos rotos (broken eggs) with foie.

Vegetarian options available.

La Pajuana

Calle de la Virgen del Rosario, 10

Phone: +34 642 519 666

The restauran is well known for its autor and creative cuisine. You constantly enjoy different dishes, always surprising for their presentation, quality and taste.

Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

Bar Patio Braserito

Calle Virgen del Rosario, 7

Phone: +34 958 221 984

This is one of the most authentic places in Granada, where Granadian and tourist use to get together, because it is in the city centre. We recommend their eggs with ham

Taberna La Tana

Calle Virgen del Rosario, 11

Phone: +34 958 225 248

It is a cosy little tavern, very well-known in Granada, recommended to enjoy a glass of wine, tapas and sausage from the region.

Rosario Varela

Calle Varela, 10

Phone: +34 958 215 275

El Rosario Varela is a perfect venue to enjoy original and elaborated tapas.

Vegetarian and coeliac options available

Tapas in Granada. Plaza Nueva and Calle Elvira

A journey through the best tapas places in Plaza Nueva and Calle Elvira: bars, restaurants, cellars and taverns. You can go own on your own, or end some our walking tours in Granada with a Tapa and listen to our personalized recommendation.

La Gran Taberna

Plaza Nueva, 12

Phone: +34 958 228 846

Classic Andalusian Tavern located on the way to access the Alhambra, ideal to enjoy their montados and import beers.

La Cueva de 1900

Avenida de los Reyes Católicos, 42

Phone: +34 958 229 327

Funded in 1900, La Cueva is located at the city centre in Granada, ideal to taste the best sausages y hams after visiting the Alhambra.

Los Manueles

Avenida de los Reyes Católicos, 61

Phone: +34 958 224 631

Restaurant funded in 1917 where you can taste traditional Granadian cuisine.

Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

Casa de Vinos La Brujidera

Calle Monjas del Carmen, 2

Phone: +34 958 222 595

This venue offers a great variety of high quality of wines, that you can enjoy in a worm atmosphere. A must stop for those who love good wines.

Bar Minotauro

Calle Imprenta, 6

Phone: +34 958 221 139

This bar, located in a narrow street to Plaza Nueva, is perfect and cosy. It’s known for their famous roscas.

Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

Bar León

Calle Pan, 1

Phone: +34 958 225 143

Located near Plaza Nueva, Bar León es the typical bar in Granada which serves tradicional Andalusian cuisine at very reasonable prices.

Taberna Salinas

Calle Elvira, 13

Phone: +34 958 221 411

The flavor and the tradition of the authentic, ideal to take a break and enjoy a good glass of local wine and their tapas. Try the homemade croquettes.

Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

Babel World Fusion

Calle Elvira, 41

Phone: +34 958 227 896

The Babel offers typical dishes from all over the world. It also has a huge variety of craft local beers.

Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

A Los Buenos Chicos

Calle Elvira, 70

Phone: +34 663 68 18 09

Tapas in this bar are original, homemade and based on the Italian and French cuisine. The venue is cosy, with one of the few terraces available in Calle Elvira.

Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

La Riviera

Calle Cetti-Meriem, 7

Phone: +34 958 227 969

Typical place for tapeo, very lively and an excellent relation between quality and price. It offers a range of import bears.

Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

Bodegas Castañeda

Calle Almireceros, 1

Phone: +34 958 215 464

It is one of the most traditional venues in the city. Typical and traditional bar, where good tapas and portions are served.  Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

La Vinoteca

Calle Almireceros, 5

Phone: +34 958 220 975

An ideal atmosphere for couples or small groups of friend, where smells and flavor are the most original protagonists. Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

La Buena vida

Calle Almireceros, 12

Phone: +34 958 994 616

Bar with a typical ambient of tapeo, where you can choose your taba among a huge range of sandwiches.

Vegetarian and coeliac options available.

Bodegas La Mancha

Calle Joaquín Costa, 10

Phone: +34 958 223 222

Traditional cellar that is working since more than half century. Perfect to taste a good ham or sausage tapa along with a variety of Andalusian wine.

Tea Houses in Granada

The city of Granada has recovered the old tradition of the Tea Houses. A great pleasure to relax in any of the moorish tea houses of the city, drinking aromatic, fruit, flower & many different teas.


Calderería Nueva 11

Tel: 958227936

Tetería Baños Arabes

C/ Santa Ana 16

Tel: 9582210205

El Bañuelo

C/ Bañuelo 5 (Placeta de la Concepción)

Tel: 958224197

Dar Ziryab

Calderería Nueva 11

Tel: 958229429 // 958229920


Calderería Nueva 7

Tel: 958229170

Tetería Gharnata

C/ Gracia 32

Tel: 670502586

Tourist Activities

Granada offers a wide range of activities to do during your time with us. You may choose from an Alhambra tour, the historical city, day tours to the Alpujarra, white little villages in the mountains and to the coast. You may as well spend your time relaxing in one of our Arab baths, with a massage following the old tradition of the Hammam.

As well, you may enjoy one of the most special and exclusive flamenco shows, the “Zambra”, held in the typical caves of Sacromonte, something that you can do in the evening.

But, in addition, you can invest your time with us doing any of the many outdoor activities offered.

If you plan your time properly, you won’t miss any of the interesting activities we have for you. We can provide with any advice you need, please tell us your interests, your time available and we will try to help you to take the best out of your vacation with us. Please write to reservas@ciceronegranada.com.

Arab Baths and Spas in Granada

This is the list of places in the city of Granada where you can have the relaxation you are looking for after a long day visiting our city and monuments. Granada has recovered the old Hammam tradition with a selection of Arab Baths as well as modern urban spas where you can recover with a bath & a massage.

Aljibe San Miguel

C/ San Miguel Alta 41

Tel: 958522867

Baños de Elvira Spa

Calle Arteaga 3 (entrada por Hostal Arteaga)

Tel: 958 80 63 77

Hammam Al Andalus

Santa Ana 16

Tel: 958229978

Sol y Agua

C/ Seminario 6

Tel: 958263257

Japanese Termas

Plaza General Emilio Herrera 3

Tel: 692210901//625038100

Aquaterm Granada

C/ Periodista Luis Seco de Lucena 7 Bajo 5

Tel: 958150892

Spa in Lanzaron

Tel: 958770137

Sports and outdoor activities

Granada and its orography are ideal for the practice of adventure sports and active tourism. If you cannot keep quiet and you haven’t got enough with intense cultural activity, Granada is your place, because you can choose from many other options to enjoy nature in the province and a lot of things that it may offer to visitors.

Aljibe de San Miguel

Calle San Miguel Alta, 41

Phone: +34 958 522 867


Hammam Al Ándalus

Calle Santa Ana, 16

Phone: +34 958 229 978


Baños de Elvira

Calle Arteaga, 3

Phone: +34 958 806 377


Sol y Agua

Calle Seminario, 6

Phone: +34 958 263 257


Termas japonesas Termasaje

Plaza del General Emilio Herrera, 3

Phone: +34 692 210 901


Beer Spa

Calle Párraga, 9

Phone: +34 674 038 749


Schools and Academies in Granada

Granada is a place of wisdom, an ideal place to grow out our concerns and learn Spanish, Arabic and flamenco, one of the essences of the city. In addition to its known and reputable university, you can learn in the best schools Granada.


Spanish Schools in Granada


Modern Languages School. University of Granada

Tel: 958215660

Castila. Escuela Internacional de Español

Tel: 958205863

Centro de Español García Lorca

Tel: 958226450

Escuela Montalbán

Tel: 958256875


Proyecto Español

Tel: 958523542



Tel: 958228691


Euro-Estudios Granada

Tel: 958255121


Academia Cegrí

Tel: 958228602



Instituto Mediterráneo Sol

Tel: 958293732



Arabic Schools

Arabic Courses with cultural immersion in Granada


Poeta Manuel de Góngora, 4

Galería Alminares local 10

Tel: 34687357792 y 958131109




Flamenco Academies

Carmen de las Cuevas

Tel: 958221062



Flamenco shows in Granada

The city of Granada offers a wide range of flamenco shows, in Granada called “Zambra”. The gipsy tradition in Granada is one of the oldest in Spain & the flamenco sung and danced in Granada is distinguished by its temperament, freedom and expressivity. Granada has given to the Flamenco universe some of the most important singers and dancers who, while being still children, already showed their “art” in the famous Sacromonte caves. The “Zambra” is a unique expression of flamenco that you can enjoy in the city of Granada facing the incredible skyline of the Alhambra palaces.

If you are interested in knowing more about the wide offer of Flamenco shows in our city, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we will try to give you the best advice in our hands at reservas@ciceronegranada.com


Cueva La Rocío

Camino del Sacromonte 70

Tel: 958227129 // 659115187


Cueva Los Tarantos

Camino del Sacromonte 9

Tel: 958224525 //958222492


Raíz y Duende

Cuesta San Gregorio 30

Tel: 958227334


Venta El Gallo

Barranco de los Negros 5

Tel: 958224525 // 958222492


Restaurante Jardines de Zoraya

Calle Panaderos 32

Tel: 958206266


Peña Platería

Tel: 958227712 // 958210650


Cueva del “Curro”

Tel: 958283537


Venta El Gallo

Barranco de los Negros 5

Tel: 958224525 // 958222492

Tablao Flamenco Albayzin

Ctra. Murcia s/n (Mirador de S. Cristóbal)

Tel: 958804646 // 636575125


Monuments, museums and places of interest in Granada

Enjoy the most important monuments and museums Granada has to offer to the visitors. Many of these monuments, sites & museums are included in our guided walking tours; ask if you are interested in any of them.

Monuments and places of interest in Granada

Granada has a wide range of monuments and buildings from the muslim medieval times as well as from the christian gothic, renaissance, barock & modern styles. An important variety of mudejar and moorish churches, monasteries & convents, moorish houses & christian aristocratic caravansars and Albayzin, UNESCO protected as world cultural heritage. And of course, one cannot forget the Alhambra, our most famous monument.

Many of these monuments are included in our guided tours, please ask us to get information about our walking tours & guided visits.


The Alhambra & Generalife

Real de la Alhambra s/n

Tel: 958027900

International telephone for bookings: +34-915379178


This monument is included in our itinerary: Monumental complex Alhambra & Generalife


November to February:

Monday to Sunday 8:30-18:00 hours

Thursday to Saturday 20:00- 21:00 hours

March to October:

Monday to Sunday 8:30 – 20:00 hours

Tuesday to Saturday 22:00-23:30 hours


Parador Nacional de San Francisco ( 4* hotel in the Alhambra)

Calle Real de la Alhambra

Tel: 958221440

This monument is included in our tinerary: Monumental complex Alhambra & Generalife

OPENING TIMES: Monday to sunday 9:00-20:00 hours


Carmen de los Mártires

Paseo de los Mártires s/n

Tel: 958227953



Monday to Friday: 10:00 -14:00 hours.

Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays: 10:00 – 18:00 hours


Monday to Friday 10:00 – 14:00 hours & 18:00 -20:00 hours

Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays: 10:00 – 20:00 hours.

August closed.


El Bañuelo (XI Century Muslim Bath)

Carrera del Darro 31

Tel: 958229738

This monument is included in our itineraries: Daily walking tour and Albaicin

OPENING TIMES: Tuesday to saturday 10:00 to 14:00 hours


Casas del Chapiz

Cuesta del Chapiz 22

Tel: 958222290 y 958222291

This monument is included in our itineray Albaicin, origin of Granada 1

OPENING TIMES (ring the bell):


Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 20:00 hours

July & August: 8:00 – 15:00 hours

Carmen de la Victoria

Cuesta del Chapiz 9

Tel: 958223122

This monument is included in our itinerary: Albaicin, origin of Granada 2

OPENING TIMES: (ring the bell)


Monday to Sunday 9:00-22:00 hours

Palacio de los Córdova

Cuesta del Chapiz s/n

Tel: 958227952

This monument is included in our itinerary: Albaicin, origin of Granada.


Winter: Monday to Friday 10:00-14:00 horas y 16:00-18:00 horas

Summer: Monday to friday 10:00-14:00 y 18:00-20:00 horas


Monasterio Museo de la Concepción

Franciscanas de la T.O.R

Placeta de la Concepción 2

Tel: 606002058 Fax: 958225368


Opening Times: Mornings de 10:30 a 13:00. Afternoons: groups under reservation


Carmen de la Victoria

Cuesta del Chapiz 9

Tel: 958223122

This monument is included inb our guided tou “Albaicin, Origin of Granada”

Opening Time: (Ring the bell)


Lunes a domingo 9:00-22:00 horas

Colegiata del Salvador

Plaza del Abad 2

Tel: 958278644

This monument is included in our itinerary: Albaicin, origin of Granada 1

OPENING TIMES: Monday to saturday 11:00-12:30 & 16:30-18:30 hours

Price: 1€


Granada’s Mosque

Mirador de San Nicolás s/n

Tel: 958202331

This monument is included in our itinerary: Albaicin, origin of Granada 1

OPENING TIMES: Monday to sunday 10:00-14:00 & 18:00-21:30 hours


Santa Isabel la Real Monastery

C/ Santa Isabel la Real 15

Tel: 958200688

This monument is included in our itinerary: Albaicin, origin of Granada 1

OPENING TIMES: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10:00-13:30 & 16:00-18:00 hours // Saturday 10:00-13:00 hours


Dar-Al- Horra Palace

Callejón de las Monjas s/n

Tel: 958027800 (Delegación de Cultura)

This monument is included in our itinerary: Albaicín, Origen de Granada

OPENING TIMES: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-14:00 hours


Aljibe del Rey (old Muslim water reservoir)

Placeta del Cristo de las Azucenas

Tel: 958200688

This monument is included in our itinerary: Albaicin, origin of Granada

OPENING TIMES: Monday to friday 10:00-15:00 hours



Gran Vía 5

This monument is included in our itineraries: Daily walking tour Daily walking tour: History of the transformation of Granada, and in the Cathedral and Royal Chapel Visit


  • Winter: Monday to Saturday 10:45 – 13:30 & 16:00-19:00 hours // Sunday 16:00-19:00 hours
  • Summer: Monday to Saturday 10:45 – 13:30 & 16:00-20:00 hours //Sunday 16:00-20:00 hours


Capilla Real

C/ Oficios 3

Tel: 958229239

This monument is included in our itineraries: Daily walking tour Daily walking tour: History of the transformation of Granada, and in the Cathedral and Royal Chapel Visit


  • Winter: Monday to Saturday 10:30-13:00 & 15:30-18:30 hours // Sunday 11:00-13:00 & 15:30-18:30 hours
  • Summer: Monday to Saturday 10:30-13:00 & 16:00-19:00 hours // Sunday 11:00-13:00 & 16:00-19:00 hours


Alcaicería, old Muslim Bazar

C/ Oficios s/n

This monument is included in our tours

OPENING TIMES: Monday to Sunday 10:00 – 21:00 hours


Palacio de la Madraza

C/ Oficios 14

Tel: 958243484

This monument is included in our tours

OPENING TIMES: Actually closed, restauration work.


Curia Metropolitana

Plaza de Alonso Cano s/n

This monument is included in our itineraries tours

OPENING TIMES: Monday to Friday 10:00- 13:00 hours


Corral del Carbón

C/ Mariana Pineda s/n

Tel: 958221118

This monument is included in our daily walking tour

OPENING TIMES: Monday to Saturday 10:00-14:00 & 17:00-20:00 hours

Sunday 10:00-14:00 hours


Real Chancillería

Plaza Nueva 10

This monument is included in our itineraries: Daily walking tour “from Islam to Christianity” & “Albaicin, origin of Granada 2”


Abadía del Sacromonte

Camino del Sacromonte 4

Tel: 958221445


OPENING TIMES: Tuesday to saturday 11:00-13:00 & 16:00-18:00 hours // sunday 16:00-18:00 hours.


Carthusian Monastery

Paseo de la Cartuja s/n

Tel: 958161932


  • Winter: Monday to Saturday 10:00-13:00 & 15:30 – 18:00 hours

Sunday 10:00-12:00 & 15:30-18:00 hours

  • Summer: Monday to Saturday 10:00 – 13:00 & 16:00-20:00 hours

Sunday 10:00-12:00 & 16:00 – 20:00 hours


Hospital Real

Cuesta del Hospicio s/n

Tel: 958243025

OPENING TIMES: Monday to friday 9:00-15:00 hours


Basílica de San Juan de Dios

C/ San Juan de Dios 23

Tel: 958275700

OPENING TIMES: Monday to Sunday 7:30-11:00 & 18:30-21:00 hours


Jardín Botánico

Facultad de Derecho

Plaza de la Universidad

Tel: 958243449

OPENING TIMES: Monday to friday 8:00-21:00 hours


Saint Hieronymus Monastery

Rector López Argüeta 9

Tel: 958279337


  • Winter: monday to sunday 10:00-14:30 & 15:00- 18:30 hours
  • Summer: monday to sunday 10:00 – 13:30 & 16:00-19:30 hours


Carmen Fundacion Rodriguez Acosta

Callejón del niño del Royo 8

Tel: 958227497


Museums and exhibitions

Granada enjoys a wide list of museums. There are history museums like Museum of the Memory of Andalucia, and local history museums as Casa de los Tiros. We can find also Art museums like Jose Guerrero, Fine Arts Museum or those dedicated to well-known persons, born in Granada, such as poets, musicians, painters, heroines or saints… There is very much to enjoy in Granada.


Parque de las Ciencias

Avda. del Mediterráneo s/n

Tel: 958131900


  • Tuesday to saturday 10:00-19:00 hours
  • sunday 10:00-15:00 hours


Museo Mariana Pineda

Centro Europeo de las Mujeres

C/ Aguila 19

Tel: 958262961 // 958262838


  • Monday to friday 10:00-13:30 & 18:00-21:00 hours
  • August: monday to friday 10:00-13:30 hours


Casa Museo de Federico García Lorca. Huerta de San Vicente

Parque García Lorca

C/ de la Virgen Blanca s/n


  • Winter: tuesday to sunday 10:00-12:30 & 16:00-18:30 hours
  • Summer tuesday to sunday 10:00-12:30 & 17:00-19:30 hours
  • July & august: tuesday to sunday 10:00-15:00 hours
  • Opening times park: 9:00-22:00 hours


Museo de la Alhambra

Palacio de Carlos V

Tel: 958027900

* Itinerary: Monumental Complex Alhambra & Generalife

OPENING TIMES: Tuesday to saturday 9:00-14:00 hours


Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes

Palacio de Carlos V

Tel: 958224843 // 958221449


  • Tuesday 14:30-18:00 hours
  • Wednesday to saturday 9:00-18:00 hours
  • Sunday 9:00-14:30 hours


Manuel de Falla. Casa –Museo y Exposición Permanente

Centro Cultural Manuel de Falla

Paseo de los Mártires s/n, Alhambra

Tel: 958228318//958222188

OPENING TIMES: Tuesday to friday 10:00-14:00 hours


Fundación Rodríguez Acosta– Museo Gómez Moreno

Callejón Niño del Royo 8

Tel: 958227497

OPENING TIMES: Wednesday to sunday 10:00-14:00 hours


Museo Arqueológico Provincial– Casa de Castril

Carrera del Darro 43

Tel: 958225640 // 958225603

* Itinerary: Albaicin, origin of Granada 1

OPENING TIMES: Tuesday 14:30-20:30 hours // wednesday to saturday 9:00 to 20:30 hours // sunday 9:00- 14:40 hours


Carmen Museo de Max Moreau

Carmen de los Geraneos

Camino Nuevo de San Nicolás 12

Tel: 958293310

OPENING TIMES: Tuesday to Saturday 10:30-13:00 & 16:00-18:00 hours


Centro José Guerrero

C/ Oficios 8

Tel: 958225185

OPENING TIMES: Tuesday to Saturday 11:00-14:00 & 17:00-21:00 hours // Sunday 11:00-14:00 hours


Museo de San Juan de Dios

Casa de los Pisa

C/ Convalecencia 1

Tel: 958222144

OPENING TIMES: Monday to Saturday 10:00-13:00 hours


Museo Cuevas del Sacromonte

Barranco de los Negros s/n

Tel: 958215120


Winter: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-14:00 & 16:00-19:00 hours // Saturday & Sunday 10:00-19:00 hours

Summer: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-14:00 & 17:00-21:00 hours // Saturday & Sunday 10:00- 21:00 hours


Museo Casa de los Tiros

C/ Pavaneras 19

Tel: 958575466

OPENING TIMES: Tuesday 14:30-20:30 // Wednesday to Saturday 9:00-20:30 hours // Sunday 9:00-14:30 hours


Palacio de los Condes de Gabia

Plaza de los Girones 1

Tel: 958225185

OPENING TIMES: Monday to Friday 18:00-21:00 hours // Saturday 11:00-14:00 & 18:00-21:00 hours // Sunday 11:00-14:00 hours


Museo del Monasterio de la Concepción

Placeta de la Concepción 2

Tel: 958225368

Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday de 10:30 a 13:00

Afternoons: reservation needed



Centro Cultural CajaGRANADA

Memoria de Andalucía

Avda de la Ciencia, 2

18006 Granada

Tel: 958-22-22-57


opening times: 10.00h a 20.00h: Tuesdays to Saturdays

Sundays 10.00h a 14.00h