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Cicerone designs for you and your travel companions truly special tours and experiences in Granada.

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Exclusive private tours to the Alhambra, Granada city and its region

Immerse yourself in a rich experience that will excite the soul of even the most-traveled guests. We love our hometown and we will be delighted to be your attentive hosts.

We like to get to know you before you come to Granada so we can design private tours and experiences that will be a success for each member of your group.

Signature private tours

Delighting experienced travelers since 2003

Granada is one of the world's most inspiring destinations and we have been proudly uncovering it for travelers from all around the world for two decades.

Agencies and individual travelers come back to us because of our passion, knowledge and exquisite one-to-one assistance.

We were pioneers of sustainable tourism in Granada. We are Biosphere certified and actively collaborate with other organisms like The Future of Tourism and The Green Footprint.

Certified by BIOSPHERE Certified Company BAT 005/2020 RTI Certified by La Huella Verde - Federación Provincial de Empresas de Hostelería y Turísmo de Granada

We visited the Alhambra the week of Thanksgiving and it was an outstanding experience. Beatrice was our guide and she was so knowledgeable and took her time explaining the history and the function of the different parts of the building. Later that... evening we took a tour of the Albacín with her and that was also fun. She was prompt, friendly and just added to our enjoyment of Granada.

Regi Issa

Araceli was our guide today for the Federico Garcia Lorca tour. She was excellent. Her tour was informative, well planned, and thought-provoking. She spoke clearly, and carefully answered all our questions about the writer and the city of Grenada.... We felt very comfortable in her presence and there were moments when it felt as if we were strolling through the city with a good friend. We’ve had many guides during our travels, and I can safely say Araceli was one of the very best.

Maria Cartier

Excellent tour around the Alhambra and Albaycin. Maria Del Mar is very knowledgeable and pleasant. We picked a private tour to get a more personalized experience. Worth each and every penny.

Marielena Abruna

From start to finish, I was impressed with the professionalism and helpful communication. Our tour guide for the Alhambra, Carmen, was fantastic! Not only was she knowledgeable and passionate, but she was also personable. It felt like touring with... an old friend (who just happened to know everything). She even helped us figure out some great places to go for wine after our tour. I am so glad we booked this tour and I would absolutely come back to Cicerone Granada for more.

Elizabeth Baltes

We signed up for this tour on our 1st day in Granada which was such a great decision. We took the early evening tour, and was able to learn about the town and history. This helped set the stage for the following days. We highly recommend!!



Sacromonte Caves

The Sacromonte Caves, located in the city of Granada, Spain, are a cultural and artistic treasure worth exploring. These caves, carved into the slopes of the Sacromonte hill, have been home to Gypsy and Flamenco communities for centuries.

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The Magnificent Granada Cathedral: A Glimpse into Spain’s Architectural Gem

When one thinks of the city of Granada in Spain, the first image that often comes to mind is the breathtaking Alhambra palace complex, with its intricate Moorish architecture and stunning gardens. However, tucked away in the heart of this historic city is another architectural masterpiece that demands attention: the Granada Cathedral, or as it’s known locally, “Catedral de Granada.”

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The Best Day Trips from Granada

Granada, the capital city of Granada Province, is a bustling town home to incredible tapas, music, culture, nightlife, and everything you need for a top-notch vacation. The surrounding countryside and Sierra Nevada mountains offer opportunities to take a day trip from Granada and step out of the hustle and bustle to explore some quieter, unique […]

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Best places to visit in Andalusia

Andalusia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Spain. Thanks to its vibrant history, the region is home to a number of beautiful cities, magical beaches, and enchanting natural landscapes that represent a variety of cultures and religions. Therefore, it’s hard to decide exactly what to see in Andalusia. At Cicerone, we’re […]

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Arab Baths in Granada, a legacy of the Nasrid era

Arab baths can be found throughout Granada to this day, and they all offer a relaxing, unique experience you won’t forget. Throughout Southern Spain, you can find many relics of the past left there by the ancient Nasrid people, who created an Islamic state in Spain and ruled the area for over 200 years, from […]

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