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Visit Granada with expert local guides

CICERONE was born in 2003 with its heart placed on the streets and squares of Granada and our goal has always been to offer the best walking tours of the city. If you wish to visit Granada or visit the Alhambra you just have to choose what suits you best:

  • A private tour for you and your family or groups of friends. Enjoy the visit at your own pace and take advantage of having one of our expert guide just for you.
  • A premium small group tour of a maximum of 12 people. We believe groups have to be very limited so that our clients get the best out of their experience. Our guides are well trained tourism professionals and will help you enjoy.
  • A private Granada tour for organised groups (up to 35 people).

Our tours have numerous quality awards and certificates. Count on us and simply ENJOY.

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Our clients say

Fabulous guided tours


To understand the history, culture and how it blends with modern day Granada we felt a guide was essential. We did 3 Cicerone tours - essential Granada , twilight tour of Albaicin and Sacromonte and the Alhambra. We had a different guide for each. We cannot recommend the Cicerone tours enough. Each guide understood their subject perfectly and was able to explain in a easy way the sites, the history and the culture. We would suggest leaving the Alhambra till last if possible as by the time we got there we had a sound basis of the context. We had been recommended by friend from NZ who loved the guides. As said we 100% recommend Cicerone tours

Great Way to See the Alhambra


We chose a Cicerone tour of the Alhambra because general Alhambra tickets were sold out and Cicerone still had tours that included the Nazrid Palaces. Juan, the tour guide was great and incredibly knowledgeable. It was wonderful to enjoy looking and listening rather than being buried in a guidebook. Although we chose this tour because it was the only way we were guaranteed to see all of the Alhambra, if we had known how great this tour was, we would have definitely chosen this tour even if general tickets had been available. Juan also was our guide for a Sacromonte evening tour which was also great.

Excellent private tour of Alhambra and Generalife Gardens


It was worth every penny to take a private 3 hour guided tour for two people. Even though obviously more expensive, it still provided much better value for money than being in a large group. Our guide Estefania Rodriguez was most knowledgeable and personally on a same wavelength. In our view, there cannot be any better way to learn in such a short time as comprehensively about this wonderful place and its history.

Lucia has been BRILLIANT!!!

Marica C

We have booked our guided tour at Alhambra with Cicerone and our guide Lucia has been BRILLIANT!!! We are a family of five with my eldest being 18 yo and my youngest being 10 yo. Lucia has made the visit super interesting for all of us keeping the boys engaged. We absolutely loved it and would strongly recommend it.

Amazing Peaceful Tour


This is a must do!! The beauty of the Generalife and Alhambra is indescribable. Our tour guide Juan Jiménez, was amazing. He told us the wonderful history of the castle and made the 3 hour tour very enjoyable. We got to learn a lot about the inside lifestyle of the castle and he transported us to those times with his stories. Like many of the people coming here we did not intend to take a private tour, but individual tickets were sold out so this was the only option. I can say that this was worth every penny. It’s so far the best tour and experience in my Eurotrip


Inma M

Our visit to Alhambra was so pleasant and informative thanks to our guide. We started on time and she did a very good job explaining the history and geography of the palace. It's hard to get tickets for Alhambra but Cicerone makes it easy - it's all on line. I received my vouchers in time and everything went smoothly because of advanced planing. I would highly recommend Cicerone when making plans to visit the Alhambra. Our guide was also informative of other areas of Granada and was happy to share her knowledge and offer tips. Our experience was perfect - thank you!

I was lucky

Aurélie Raach

I was lucky that the other participants never showed up, despite having paid for the tour. So I can enjoy a "private" visit with Violeta. I really liked the Tour and all the explanations it gave me. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

What to see in Granada? The essentials

What to see in Granada?

The essentials

We offer you information about the most significant places to visit in the city. Everything you cannot miss.

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What to see in Granada? The Alhambra and Generalife

What to see in Granada?

The Alhambra and Generalife

Former residence of the emirs of Granada. Find all the information about its history and corners before your trip visit the Alhambra.

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What to see in Granada

Granada travel guide

Tips for travellers

Our selection of museums, tourism activities, places of interest and tapas in Granada

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14 September, 2019

The signatures book of the Alhambra: how to leave a mark

We have often awoken to the news that some traveller or other has wanted to immortalise his presence at the Alhambra with graffiti or a daubed message. When this happens, it’s typical to think of vandals, but you might be surprised to know the number of prominent individuals and celebrities who have done it. Who […]

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6 September, 2019

Twilight in Granada: where to watch the most beautiful sunset in the world

One of the wonders of Granada is its sunset. Many of the people who come to visit us are impressed by it. Others even visit us and look for the best places for watching our twilight Many celebrities point out how beautiful it is after discovering it, and it is always voted as one of the […]

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2 September, 2019

Cicerone-sponsored athletes triumph in the Spanish Championship

This weekend, La Nucía (Alicante) has hosted the National Athletics Championship. As the previous results indicated, the “strong and fast” Granada team, led by Manolo Jiménez and sponsored by CICERONE GRANADA, has triumphed, highlighting the sprinters.It is a pleasure to know that our efforts and support help these young people to fulfill their dreams, thanks […]

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30 August, 2019

How to avoid tired legs when enjoying cultural tourism

Cultural tourism can be exhausting. You’ll spend a lot of time walking and your body will start to feel it; especially your legs! Some people even suffer from tired leg syndrome on these types of trips. However, we’ve got some tips for wandering around and enjoying the monuments without having to worry about it. Don’t […]

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23 August, 2019

Overtourism and sustainability: traveling beyond the selfie

You’re at Saint Nicolas Viewpoint and you’ve been dreaming about this twilight for years. It’s one of the most beautiful twilight in the world and at last, you’re here. However, masses of people stop you from taking in the beauty of the sky and not just because they’re spellbound by the sunset on the horizon. […]

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16 August, 2019

Federico García Lorca’s words at Fuente Vaqueros library opening

September 1931. The launch of the first Public Library in Fuente Vaqueros, a town in the Vega de Granada.Federico García Lorca, the most international poet at the time and born in Fuente Vaqueros, began his speech, choked up “First, I should tell you that I don’t speak, I read”. That’s how he began one of […]

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