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Visit Granada with expert local guides

CICERONE was born in 2003 with its heart placed on the streets and squares of Granada and our goal has always been to offer the best walking tours of the city. If you wish to visit Granada or visit the Alhambra you just have to choose what suits you best:

  • A private tour for you and your family or groups of friends. Enjoy the visit at your own pace and take advantage of having one of our expert guide just for you.
  • A premium small group tour of a maximum of 12 people. We believe groups have to be very limited so that our clients get the best out of their experience. Our guides are well trained tourism professionals and will help you enjoy.
  • A private Granada tour for organised groups (up to 35 people).

Our tours have numerous quality awards and certificates. Count on us and simply ENJOY.

Guided tours

The Alhambra from Paseo de los Tristes

Full Day in Granada: Visit the Alhambra and the Dobla de Oro monuments in a premium small group

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The Alhambra at night

Alhambra Experiences: Night and day tour in a premium small group

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Alhambra and Generalife guided tour in a premium small group

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Court of the Myrtles. Alhambra

Private tour of the Alhambra and Generalife gardens

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Essential Granada private tour

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View of the Alhambra

Albaicin and Sacromonte twilight walking tour. Join a premium small group

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Private Albaicin walking tour and Gypsy Sacromonte

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Private tour to the places of Federico García Lorca in Granada

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Private tour to the interior of the Cathedral and Royal Chapel of Granada

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Views from Falla's museum

Lorca and Falla in the Alhambra. Private tour

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Private tour Places of Isabella the Catholic in Granada

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Alcaiceria visit in

Granada Essential Must-Do-Tour in a premium small group

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Alhambra tours for organised groups

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Granada for groups

Walking Granada: guided tours for organised groups

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Granada guided tour for students

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Guided tour to the Alhambra for students

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Clients say

Knowledgeable tour guide and worth the cost

William B

If you are going to tour the Alhambra palace it is clearly worth the cost of a private tour. So much more valuable than an unguided tour. Our guide Violetta was terrific, very personable.

Very interesting

Jenny Walker

Lucia gave a very interesting and well presented tour. She is very knowledgeable and was able to include wider associated information as part of the tour and in answer to questions. She knows her subject! Her English is excellent. I can happily recommend her as a guide. The personal tour was expensive but worth the money as it made our visit to the Alhambra much more enjoyable and gave us a much better understanding of this historic site than a group tour would have.

I recommend it to 300%!


I recommend it to 300%! A tour through the streets of Granada, with projections while a super friendly guide is telling mistery stories in each place.

Lucia has been BRILLIANT!!!

Marica C

We have booked our guided tour at Alhambra with Cicerone and our guide Lucia has been BRILLIANT!!! We are a family of five with my eldest being 18 yo and my youngest being 10 yo. Lucia has made the visit super interesting for all of us keeping the boys engaged. We absolutely loved it and would strongly recommend it.

Excellent tour


Thanks to Mar for a most interesting and thorough visit to the Alhambra and Generalife. She was well-informed, not too detailed and tailored the visit to us and our interests. Highly recommended personal tour.



We loved it! Violet was our guide and she was like an open book and she was nice and friendly... absolutely great!! We went through areas where there was not even a tourist and we walked through the Albaicin as locals !! It was a great experience to know Granada from within !! I recommend it 100%

I was lucky

Aurélie Raach

I was lucky that the other participants never showed up, despite having paid for the tour. So I can enjoy a "private" visit with Violeta. I really liked the Tour and all the explanations it gave me. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

What to see in Granada? The essentials

What to see in Granada?

The essentials

We offer you information about the most significant places to visit in the city. Everything you cannot miss.

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What to see in Granada? The Alhambra and Generalife

What to see in Granada?

The Alhambra and Generalife

Former residence of the emirs of Granada. Find all the information about its history and corners before your trip visit the Alhambra.

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What to see in Granada

Granada travel guide

Tips for travellers

Our selection of museums, tourism activities, places of interest and tapas in Granada

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7 May, 2019

Granada’s cobbled streets

Today, we’re going to tell you about a pretty paving technique that any visitor in Granada will see, as it’s been used across our city and can be easily-spotted on its streets. This paving technique was first known thanks to Carthaginians, but we’re aware of it being used by the Romans and the Greeks, who […]

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5 May, 2019

Lady Anne Fanshawe and her spanish recipes

Lady Anne Fanshawe was an English aristocrat, born in London in the 17th century. She was the eldest of three children and was taught, just like all the other women at the time, to carry out housework. However, she was quite passionate about other “chores”, such as horse riding, learning French and even music. Her […]

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3 May, 2019

The Carmen at the Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta, the carmen inspired by a painting

Are you familiar with the Cármen del Mauror? The Cármen at the Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta? It’s located on Colina del Mauror or “aguadores”. Despite being a recent construction, it was declared a National Historic Monument in 1982. Behind it, there is a beautiful story about a love for painting. In fact, José María Rodríguez-Acosta de la […]

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2 May, 2019

Nuit Blanche in Granada: culture and Cicerone head into the city’s streets

Noche en Blanco is now upon us! Once again, Granada provides with free access to the best of its cultural and artistic offering. The most iconic squares and streets in the city become an enormous artistic centre allowing for all types of artistic expression. Noche en Blanco has a very clear aim:  to bring the culture to the people. We […]

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29 April, 2019

Washington Irving in Granada: literature and commitment

One of the most read books on the Alhambra is Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving. Without a doubt, it is a essential reading for those who love the Nasrid palace. However, there is even more to the mark left by Washington Irving on Granada. Do you know that he was crucial to recovering […]

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26 April, 2019

A walk though Cerro del Sol: From Silla del Moro to Dar al-Arusa

A walk through Cerro del Sol, up above the Sabika, which dominates the upper part of the Generalife, offers a different vantage point for beholding the Alhambra and the city of Granada. In Muslim times, the whole area was filled with palaces, almunias (a type of Andalusian rural building) for the court’s summer recreation, defensive fortresses […]

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