Code of good practices and support for sustainable tourism

Our code of good practices and support for sustainable tourism
At Cicerone, we have believed in and have been actively practice sustainable/responsible tourism for years. Our regular guided tours are organised for small groups with a maximum of 12 people.

We are a local company dedicated to caring for our surroundings and offering personalised treatment to our clients. Our guides are local people, they know Granada and its history and love their city, not just for its heritage. We want to transmit this passion to our visitors and that’s why some time ago, Cicerone decided to ensure that our groups are as small as possible. This ensures that our clients enjoy a unique experience and at the same time, our activity does not affect the daily functioning of the city and its businesses. That way, we’re all winners!

Granada is for everyone, so the locals, visitors and professionals should all live and work alongside each other in the historic centre, always thinking of each other’s wellbeing.

Our commitment:

  • Small groups to guarantee that pedestrians and vehicles can pass with ease and to avoid crowds of people and the resulting noise and nuisance.
  • Our guides are tourism professionals and are trained to give correct, proven information to all our clients. As they’re professionals in their knowledge, they are also professional in the way in which they respect our historical and cultural heritage and they’ll transmit the importance of this respect to the visitors.
  • Our routes are all carried out on foot and if we need to use transport to access specific parts of the city, we always use public transport.
  • We support local businesses and always help our clients to value and encourage the consumption of local produce. We also encourage them to contribute and vary their purchases to prevent favouritism towards certain establishments, including our own.