Tea shops in Granada

The tea shops have become a symbol in the historic center of the city of Granada, one of the main tourist attractions what to see in Granada. An alternative and special way to enter fully into the Arab culture, knowing its gastronomy and Islamic architecture.

Most of them are located in the Calderería Nueva, although it is popularly known as the Calle de las Teterías. A walk through the area is enough to transport you to Marrakech itself, as it is full of typical establishments to drink Moorish tea. The Islamic decoration is an element that makes these establishments even more attractive.

If you want to try the best tea shops in Granada, take a look at this top 9 to make your visit a success. Among so much variety, it is overwhelming to know which ones are of quality. These are the teahouses you have to mark on the map to enjoy the authentic Andalusian legacy.

Tetería Castillo de Aleppo

Teahpuse Castillo de Aleppo in Granada

The decoration is majestic, with a small fountain with lions reminiscent of the fountain in the emblematic courtyard of the Alhambra. The price is affordable and offers the authentic taste of homemade dishes and typical drinks of this culture. The sound of water and Arabic music is the perfect soundtrack to accompany the occasion.

The good treatment of the staff is one of the most mentioned characteristics since they advise what to take if you have doubts about it. It is located on Elvira Street, one of the most popular and busy areas.

Bagdad Tea Shop

bagdad tea shop in granada

It is a traditional tea shop, decorated with typical elements of Moroccan culture and with typical Arab dishes. Its teas are exquisite and have bongs. The price is somewhat higher than some of the areas, but it is worth it.

It is small, but cozy and has a quiet space ideal for relaxing after walking the streets of Granada. The smell of cachimba is common here, and it is especially known for its exquisite sweets and teas. The perfect place to snack in style.

Abaco Tea Tetetría

abaco tea shop in granada

It is one of the most hidden tea shops in the area, so it is a quiet and intimate place. It stands out for the beautiful views from its terrace overlooking the Alhambra and for its excellent quality products.

The decor is more contemporary than Islamic, but the panoramic views of the city skyline and the quality of their products make it worthwhile. The downstairs area has small tables and the upstairs has cushions on the floor to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

It has menus, vegan meals, fondues and a wide variety of products for snacks. A place full of charm, ideal to recharge your batteries after walking the steep slopes of the Albaicin.

You can take the opportunity to enjoy one of the Granada tours in the area, especially the route through the neighborhoods of Sacromonte and Albaicin. An exclusive way to get to know the charms of the most iconic area of Granada, a passionate guide will show you all its secrets.

La Tetería del Bañuelo

views from la tetería del Bañuelo in Granada

La Tetería del Bañuelo is known in Granada for its simple decoration, its exquisite sweets and its fascinating views of the Alhambra.

It stands out for its charm, both in its location and in the ambience of the building, along with excellent service. It has many nooks and crannies full of fountains that provide a cozy atmosphere.

The teas are delicious, they offer typical sweets, as well as crepes and waffles. During the visit it is common to have the company of some cats, the real owners of the place and that will make you feel that you are in Marrakech.

Dar Ziryab Tea Shop

tea shops in granada dar-ziryab
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We recommend you to visit it after taking one of the Alhambra tours. Having a Moroccan tea at the foot of the Arab fortress after knowing all the charms of this architectural jewel is the perfect finishing touch to fully immerse yourself in its culture.The tea shop Dar Ziryab is characterized by its exquisite and delicate decoration, a quiet place where you can taste typical teas in the heart of Granada. It stands out for its Arab roots and its link with traditional music, being possible to enjoy some live artists who put the perfect soundtrack to the moment.

It has a menu with a great variety to choose from, the typical sweets and teas have an excellent quality-price ratio.

Alfaguara Tea Shop

alfaguara tea shop in granada

Located at the foot of the Albaicin neighborhood, the Alfaguara tea shop is one of the most popular tea rooms in Granada. It has an elegant decoration with arabesque motifs that invite you to relax in absolute tranquility.
It stands out for its wide variety of teas and typical sweets, but also has an extensive menu for lunch or dinner Arabic food. In addition, it has a menu for smoking shishas.

Andalusian Palace Tetería Almona

Andalusian tea palace tea shop in granada

Excellent establishment to taste the authentic Arab flavors. It is one of the best rated places in the city, both for its exquisite dishes and its excellent value for money.

The food is delicious, has an extensive menu with typical dishes and the service is attentive, as they advise the best options according to the tastes or needs of diners. The perfect finishing touch are their traditional teas, a delight!

Tetuan Tea Shop

The Tetuán tea shop stands out for its excellent Arab decoration, an atmosphere that invites you to enjoy the flavors and culture for hours. It has an extensive menu of teas and typical sweets, ideal for tasting the most traditional products. It also has a shisha service.

Oriental Tea Shop


oriental tea shop in granada

The Oriental Tea Shop is located near the Parish of San Gregorio. Sometimes it goes unnoticed because it is located higher than the first establishments of the Caldería Nueva, but it is one of the best in the area.

It is known for its exquisite sweets, especially crepes, along with natural juices. It is worth mentioning that the tea is usually accompanied by some Arabic pastry, all of them homemade and with an authentic flavor. It has an extensive menu.

It is one of the best rated tea shops in Granada, and has even been recommended by some international guides. It has two floors, the lower one has a decoration inspired by the desert, while the upper one is a traditional old Arabic room.

Now you know the best tea shops in Granada to immerse yourself in the Arab culture in the most emblematic areas of the city. The perfect opportunity to delve into the extensive Andalusian legacy. Explore our Granada travel guide, it will help you make the most of your time to locate the most essential places with useful tips for your getaway.