The Hydraulic System: Conquering Water at the Alhambra. Private guided tour

Private guided tour to discover the ingenious water system in the medieval city

Water is another character in the history of the Alhambra. It can be found throughout the monument and its surroundings. When you do not see it, you can hear it. But what can it tell us? Well, the water can tell us a lot more that it might seem. This is much more than a huge landscape of sound: it is the epitome of the surprising intellectual and technological development of the Nasrids.


Even the starting point is already exceptional because the water found there had to be raised 6 kilometers in altitude. How did they manage to overcome the challenge posed by gravity in the Middle Ages?


Come with whomever you choose to stroll through the gardens of the Alhambra and its environs (a network of ditches and country manors known as “cármenes”), and we will explain how they built a hydraulic system that continues to have an impact 800 years later.

Learn about the essential role played by water in Islam
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Where and when

Meeting point

Main entrance pavilion. Esplanade. "Punto de encuentro/meeting point" signpost.


10:30 a.m. - 15:00 p.m.


Models of the Alhambra, Main entrance pavilion, Orchads of Generalife, Lower Gardens of Generalife, Interior of Generalife Palace, Patio of Ciprés de la Sultana, Water Staircase, Water Tower, Hammam at the Royal Street, Gardens and Palace of Partal, Plaza del Aljibe (water deposit) and Justice Gate.

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Private tour.

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English, Spanish, French and German.

2.5 hours approximately.


Entrance fee for the Gardens of Alhambra & Generalife.
Professional expert guide

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Entrance to the Nasrid Palaces

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The guide and participants will use face masks in all cases .
Your guide will make hydroalcoholic gel freely available.
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20€ per person, cancelation fee applied to all confirmed reservations. This amount includes our management fees and ticket cost, due to the Alhambra's entrance being nominative and therefore not allowing any reimbursement.
No refund will be issued for cancelations requested less than 48 hours prior to the tour's date.
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Water at the Alhambra: Epitome of Ingenuity and Beauty

The crown jewel of the hydraulic system of the Alhambra is the Acequia Real. From this “Royal Ditch,” water is channeled to supply the city, with its fountains and gardens and spaces devoted to farming. To achieve this, they built a complex system of siphons, aqueducts and underground pipes, which are still working today.

To see how they did this up close, we follow the course of water along the entire length of the guided tour, focusing on the source of life for the medieval city. From this place, you will understand how the entire city was built around the hydraulic system and its organization. We also visit the Polinario bath, where we talk about the purifying role of water in the Qur’an and the life of the Alhambra’s inhabitants.

Would you like to discover one of the most unknown foundations of the Alhambra?

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