What can you do in Granada during winter?

Although this cold snap will make many of you want to stay at home in the warm… But we want to give you a few ideas for getting out and enjoying the day and of course, staying warm! Here we’ll give you some ideas of what to do in Granada; such as visiting the Science Park, the Beer Spa, trying out a escape room or event a visit to the Casa de los Tiros.

butterfly science parkAs many of you know, Granada is a rich city in culture, and not just due to the history we’ve inherited from the Catholic Monarchs, the Hispanic-Muslims and other ancestors. Are you following us? Well, we’re talking about the fantastic Parque de las Ciencias.

A visit to the Science Park is our first suggestion for spending the day surrounded by science. You can experiment and learn like kids, or with kids! For those of you who have been before, you’ll already know how you can get lost in the universe thanks to the planetarium, climb up all of the stairs inside the observation tower to look out across Granada, or fall in love with the tropical climate that’s home to hundreds of butterflies. The Science Park also offers temporary exhibitions, such as the temporary music exhibition, where you can learn about ancient instruments, the sound and even scientific experiments. You can also see the wonders of wildlife as this exhibition focuses on the behaviour and movement of wild animals.


beer spaOur second idea for what to do in Granada is somewhat more innovative and is in fact new to Spain. Believe it or not, Granada is home to the first Beer Spa: an alternative for those who are looking for some relax. This Spa will offer a variety of beauty treatments that combine beer baths and tasting, accompanied by traditional snacks. The perfect idea for beer lovers who want to escape the winter cold.


scape roomThe third suggestion is something special for the most daring amongst you. Does Escape Room ring a bell? You have to escape from rooms known as Scape Rooms, following the clues to win the game and get out. It’s perfect for everyone: family, friends, couples… It’ll  test you and it’s a great team-work game. Besides, who hasn’t dreamed of solving mysteries like Sherlock Holmes?

For our last suggestion to spend a winter day we have chosen a cultural plan; a visit to the Museo Casa de los Tiros.  It is located in the barrio del Realejo, so you can access it by walking and then visit other places like the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo. This museum house contains granadian popular art pieces such as sculptures, paintings, furniture and even Fajaluza pottery. It is usual for this museum to have temporal exhibitions.