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What can you do in Granada during winter?

Although this cold snap will make many of you want to stay at home in the warm… But we want to give you a few ideas for getting out and enjoying the day and of course, staying warm! Here we’ll give you some ideas of what to do in Granada; such as visiting the Science Park, […]

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What to do in Granada in Winter? Advices to enjoy despite the cold

Midwinter and a Siberian cold snap, on top of sub-zero temperatures, some might say it’s not the best time of year to visit. However, there is always a reason to visit Granada and fall in love with the Alhambra (Alhambra Tours) and the Albaizín.  Here, winter is very important. The season has its own special charm and […]

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Alumbrado de Navidad

Christmas in Granada Spain: enjoyable activities

Granada appears at its best at Christmas. It’s that time of year when the city exudes good cheer and optimism. Songs, lights, the smell of sweet chestnuts and smiles take possession of Christmas in Granada Spain. What’s more, the streets are full of special activities designed to ensure young and old alike derive even more […]

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Views of the Alhambra from the Sacromonte neighborhood

What is the best time to visit Granada?

The city of the Alhambra, neighborhoods marked by the many cultures that have left their mark on its monuments. A stroll through its streets will be enough to captivate you. Discover the best time to visit Granada and choose the perfect moment to explore the city according to your tastes and needs. But we warn […]

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Cunini restaurant in Granada

The best places to eat tapas in Granada

Would you like to try tapas in Granada? As good granadinas, we love to walk around the city and sit in tapas bars, to try what they have. Do you want to do it too? Check out our top ten tapas bars. If you are in a hurry, you can see them on the map […]

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Luxury hotels in Granada

Sleeping in one of the most luxurious hotels in the city is a pleasure elevated to the maximum power. Strolling calmly through each of its streets, discovering its most captivating monuments and touring each neighborhood is exhausting, but ending the day in one of the best accommodations is the guarantee of having a perfect vacation. […]

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6 Romantic places to go as a couple in Granada

Granada is a city full of magic, romanticism and corners that seem to be designed for lovers. There are many travelers who wonder what to see in Granada, but if you want to get caught by the charms of the city there are places that are able to do so. These are the romantic places […]

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People in the tea shops area in Granada

Tea shops in Granada

The tea shops have become a symbol in the historic center of the city of Granada, one of the main tourist attractions what to see in Granada. An alternative and special way to enter fully into the Arab culture, knowing its gastronomy and Islamic architecture. Most of them are located in the Calderería Nueva, although […]

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planning a trip to Granada

How to get to Granada?

Granada has an enormous charm, capable of bewitching every traveler. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and one of the most visited cities in the world. Its cobblestone streets, its neighborhoods with the essence of many cultures, its history or exquisite tapas are compelling reasons to discover it. There is […]

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Granada panoramic views from the Albaicín

6 Reasons to visit Granada

Granada has countless irresistible reasons to travel to the city and discover each of its corners. Strolling through its narrow streets, its characteristic aromas and its panoramic views captivate all types of travelers. So much so that it has been a source of inspiration for artists and personalities of great importance, even Boabdil mourned its […]

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