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Alhambra in Granada

9 Best monuments in Spain

Spain is an architectural paradise, few countries in the world can boast of having so many styles and being so well preserved. To walk through any of its streets is to begin a journey through time through its monuments. Many of them were pioneers in their time, others are an example of the traces left […]

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Granada panoramic views

Best destinations to visit in Andalusia

Andalusia is one of the most charming regions, capable of enchanting all types of travelers. Cities that still show traces of their Phoenician, Roman or Arab origins, offering a fascinating architectural and cultural mix. An ideal destination for all tastes, since it harbors an infinite number of possibilities. In its 87,268 square kilometers you can […]

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Spain’s most famous cultural activities

The celebrations in Spain are unparalleled, so much so that they have achieved worldwide fame and many of them receive international tourists, such as Easter, the Sanfermines or the Fallas. Some have even been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Our country is known for its festivals, and the rich Spanish cultural tradition means that […]

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Granada panoramic views

Best cultural destinations to visit in Spain

Spain has an infinite number of tourist attractions with a great wealth of heritage and culture, not to mention its enormous historical legacy. The most intellectual travelers find in our country a real treasure to explore. Choosing the best cultural destinations to visit in Spain is a complicated task, since there are hundreds of places […]

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Certificado Biosphere para Cicerone

Cicerone obtains the Biosphere Sustainability Certificate

A cultural organization must be responsible with its community and the planet. We are clear on that, so, for this reason, our aim is to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. This compromise has lead us to obtain the Biosphere Sustainability Certificate. In 2015, 195 countries, including Spain, pledged to pursue 17 […]

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December of culture

A December of culture: virtual experiences

It’s hard to believe, but the last month of 2020 is upon us. After the great interest in the virtual tour marathon organized to celebrate International Tourism Day, the CTU agencies (Urban Culture and Tourism) have decided to provide you with new opportunities to travel from the comfort of your own home: From December 3rd -12th, we […]

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cicerone granada recibe el premio travelers choice y se coloca entre los mejores operadores de granada

Cicerone Granada gets Travellers’ Choice award

At Cicerone Granada we are very happy because we have received the TripAdvisor “Travelers’ Choice” award. Why it feels so good? Because it is not a simple award, since it comes from the people who have visited Granada and the Alhambra with us. This organization was born with a very clear goal: handing the artistic […]

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coronavirus stay at home

Coronavirus: patience, responsibility and positivity

It is true that we are in an absolutely new situation with the Coronavirus, we have never been in a similar juncture. But it is also true that it will pass and everything will come back to normal. If we want this to happen as soon as possible, we must become aware of the role […]

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felicitacion 2020 Cicerone Granada

Welcome 2020

Cicerone Team wish you a year full with adventure, trips, happiness and health. We will continue loving Granada with the same passion so we promise to do our best every day for you to have a meaningful experience.

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cicerone granada colabora en klm vuela sostenible

Cicerone Granada collaborates with the KLM vuela sostenible forum

Since we were born, CICERONE Granada has been aligned with conscious and sustainable tourism. We wanted to contribute to the economic revitalization of the city, but always respecting its roots. What makes it authentic. Putting Granada’s soul at risk means risking our history, our DNA, what we have done to be who we are. Therefore, […]

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