2017 A year to remember in Cicerone

We’re getting to the end of 2017 and at CICERONE we’re very satisfied with what’s been accomplished this year.

At the start of the year an important part of our history came to a close, moving from the “PuntoEncuentro-MeetingPoint” Kiosk Ciceronegranada located in Plaza Bib-Rambla that had been our Customer Care Point for 9 years in order to move into a wonderful shop in Calle San Jerónimo 10, a few metres from the Catedral de Granada and less than 500 metres from the old meeting point.

Cicerone TiendaCentro atención al cliente - Tienda Cicerone

The Customer Care-Ciceronegranada Shop move in March to Calle San Jerónimo represents a big step. Coinciding with the move, CICERONE almost doubled its team, nearly doubling its departments:

So, adding to the previous team of 5 guides (Sofía, Estefanía, Juan, Beatriz and Violeta) at the start of the year, Mar, Lucía and Juancho joined us.

To the Customer Care department, during 2017 Sandra and Laura have been added

In the Digital Marketing department, Alejandra has come in to help Ana with the work.

For managing bookings, Lorena joined us to do important work tackling the Commercialisation Department that last year Carolina ran basically by herself.

We’ve grown as a team and we’ve also increase our range of activities:

The Customer Care Centre-Shop in Calle San Jerónimo has increased our business perspective including the sector of gifts and souvenirs. We’ve been able to undertake a creative, beautiful and exciting project which opens up new possibilities for the future.

Furthermore, being excited about it, we’ve humbly started to work on managing Cultural Heritage, for the moment with the opening at weekends of the Exposición Medinat Garnata in the Corral del Carbón. Senne has been in charge of this since May.

Alhambra patioOur guided tours are fully established, demonstrating our specialisation in catering to individuals and small groups. In 2017 the recognition and awards for our work continue to come in, and we’re ending the year proudly, in the top 6 for TripAdvisor, for the ranking of the 99 guided tours available in Granada.

Five years ago, CICERONE was on the verge of closing, the business model we had combined with the economic recession almost ended our venture. Today, looking back it seems almost unbelievable that we’ve achieved so much, increasing by a factor of 5 at all the levels, the team, work, billing and activity.

Yesterday, at our Christmas party we all agreed that we’re extremely satisfied with these achievements and with 2017 as a whole, and we’re truly looking forward to jumping into 2018. We believe the path we’re on is the right one and we want to go down it with enthusiasm, energy and eagerness.


Cicerone dinner 2017