Sofia Serrano

Sofía Serrano in the Courtyard of the Lions My name is Carmen Sofía Serrano García and I was born in Granada, on 17th February. I have been working in this wonderful company called Cicerone Cultura y Ocio since September 2013.

Today I am lucky enough to combine two of my passions in my work: on one hand I can share what I have learned in these years about my favourite places in my city, with its traditions and magic, and on the other get to know different people who discover the beauty of Granada every day, overlooked by the incomparable setting of the Alhambra.

In my free time I like to take photographs of the corners of Granada that give it such character, and without doubt have done so throughout its long history.

At work, I like to make it my job to amuse the client by explaining offbeat anecdotes about the places we visit, not the ones you read in straight-laced history books, and making sure that they take part in the experience, sharing their knowledge and experience. As far as my professional life is concerned, I combine my vocation with training, because I have a Diploma in Tourism Business and Activities, and took an Expert Tourist Guide course in 2015, which was highly specialized on this subject, and lived for a time in Manchester (England) in 2012.

I have also been an Official Tourist Guide since the summer of 2011, which is when I started to learn about the secret, hidden side of the city with its underground passages and other places that tourists rarely learn about.

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