Mar Hurtado

Mar Hurtado CiceroneI’m Mar Hurtado and I was born in Granada on the 12th of October 1986. I have always felt a special connection to the history of my city and I admit that I have a wish: I wish that the stones could speak! But, since this isn’t the case, I spend my time interpreting them.

I graduated in History of Art in 2010 and from then on, every route seems to have led me to Cicerone.

I started receiving training from the Fundación el Legado Andalusí and I continued working in exhibitions for the Obra Social de la Caixa.  Later on, I worked on important monuments in Granada like the Madrasa and the Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta.

I consider myself to be a very curious person and I always have something lined-up to research. I tend to have lots of books on the go, and above all, I never cease to be surprised by new stories.  I like wandering around the Albayzin and Sacromonte, by the old wall that borders the city, as well as going outside the walls.

I look for remnants of the past that help me to understand the millennial city of Granada, so that I can proudly show them to travellers who want to delve into it all.

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