What is the best time to visit Granada?

The city of the Alhambra, neighborhoods marked by the many cultures that have left their mark on its monuments. A stroll through its streets will be enough to captivate you.

Discover the best time to visit Granada and choose the perfect moment to explore the city according to your tastes and needs. But we warn you: once you visit you will always want to come back and no matter what time of the year you do it.

Spring, the best time to come to Granada

flowers in the Alhambra

The heat will not yet be stifling and the coolness of these months makes it easy to walk the streets. And you will appreciate it, especially on the steep slopes of the Albaicin neighborhood.

The temperature in spring can reach lows of 4 °C at night in the early months of the season. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a jacket for spring nights in the city.

And best of all, the Alhambra in this season looks splendid. In its gardens you can feel the smell of spring, the colors of its flowers bring a special charm to each of its corners. Enjoying one of the Alhambra tours in spring is a real pleasure for your senses.

However, prices are somewhat higher and finding accommodation can be more tedious. This is especially true during Holy Week and Las Cruces, very important dates in the city.

Autumn and winter are also good times to visit Granada.

The Alhambra from the Paseo de los tristes

The months from September to March are a good choice too since autumn and winter also bring a unique atmosphere to the city.

In these months prices are cheaper, you can have breakfast or snack churros with chocolate, something popular in the city and from late November to January you can enjoy the spectacular Christmas decorations. Even if you are passionate about snow sports, Sierra Nevada is ready for skiing.

You can take shelter from the cold by visiting the interior of the most emblematic monuments of the city and in the hours with the highest temperatures you can walk through the famous neighborhoods of Granada to discover the traces of the cultures that have passed through the city.

It is a perfect season to enjoy our Granada tour through the most charming neighborhoods of the city. The steep streets of the Albaicin and the continuous panoramic views of the Alhambra will help you warm up.

Summer has advantages as well

Views of the Alhambra from the Sacromonte neighborhood

Granada, as other cities in Andalusia, can be quite hot in summer time. The temperature in July and August can reach a maximum of 38 °C, so the best thing to do is scheduling your days with this in mind. If you do so, you can fully enjoy Granada.

Moreover, the city has a wide cultural offer and plenty of tourist activities to do. The key is choosing what to see in Granada well.

During the hottest hours you can visit the interior of the monuments of the historic center, such as the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel or the Church of Santa Ana, among many others. You can also cool off in one of the many tea shops in the famous Calle de las Teterías or enjoy a relaxing spa in an ancient Arab bath.

You will be able to enjoy the city almost on your own, as you can forget about the overcrowding of tourists. Even the prices are much cheaper, being able to enjoy luxury hotels for lower prices.

The most important thing is to spend the last hour of the afternoon touring its steepest neighborhoods, such as the Albaicin or Sacromonte. You can go up to them by bus and then walk down to the center to know its corners.

And remember: Granada has a peculiar charm, no matter what time of the year you decide to visit. Each season brings a different charm, what are you waiting for to discover it?