Reasons to take a private guide in Granada

Mass Tourism is an issue of the past. The trend today is personalized trips where you decide your schedule and itineraries. If you love cultural tourism, and you are thinking about visiting us, the best thing to do is taking a private guide in Granada. Despite what people tend to believe, it’s cheaper than you’d think. These kinds of tours are much more pleasant than those where you find yourself lost amid the crowd. Do you want to know about them?

Have you ever asked yourself what can you do to make your museum visit a little more special?

The answer is not found in what to see and what to do, but with whom: a guide. When we visit a museum, or any monument really, we can always consider the option of looking for an expert to help us. So, why should we consider it? Below we’ll give you some reasons focusing on art which can be applied to all cultural experiences.

The experience improves when we interact with the art.

What is a private guide

Private guides are different. We’re experts on one or more topics, but we also have other skills. We’re able to carve out a tour plan aligned with our customers desires. We tailor the walk to your needs and we design the best option, based on the  group members’ opinion, the weather and other circumstances.

Our goal is simple: to make your stay at your destination easier, since as local guides, we master the specific cities or regions we live in. Actually, we are constantly learning about history, as well as cultural, educational, political and price differences, etc. As a result, we can help you with things as varied as choosing souvenirs, making a recommendation on a foreign exchange bureau or performing first aid. We’re extroverts, full of curiosity. We love working with people, chatting and handling any questions you might have. Get to know this Private Tour in Granada.

Advantages of taking a private guide

A guide who knows how to convey emotions to the visitors can increase our interest, leaving us curious and with concerns, making us wonder about these pieces. Something we didn’t have planned from the start. It’s easy however for someone to tell a story, of an author, a painting, the materials… facts that without a communication professional, such as a guide, could be a potent sleeping pill for someone only trying to look at a painting. All experts on the subject will know however how to question and stimulate our minds so the art captures our profound interest.

Let’s continue with other reasons why a guide makes the difference, with a guide we can not only wonder about, but ask, comment and share the various appreciations that art conveys to us.

How can we contribute to our experience? When we visit a museum we shouldn’t go home with questions unanswered, its important to state here that there are no ‘stupid’ questions. Sometimes asking a guide more personalised questions, such as what their favourite piece is, results in a surprising answer and a new discovery. The guide will always be willing to share their opinion and will make the visit more enjoyable for everyone. Asking about the areas and the facilities during a visit can also be a wise decision and lead us to places which are not always the most popular but worth it all the same.

You set the pace

Have you ever paid attention to those large groups running after a guide who barely looks at them? A private guide is just the opposite. There’s no hurry or stress.You set the pace. If you’re coming with your family and you want to enjoy a more relaxing walk, or if for health reasons you prefer to go slower, we’ll do whatever you say. Of course, we must take into consideration the monumental complexes timetables. Get to know our Alhambra Tours.

You’re the top priority.Not the guide. We know how unpleasant can be when you become a sort of follower of someone who’s supposed to be there to help you.

You can change the route

The tours and walks have a set route, but we’re more flexible. You might want to skip visiting one place, a church… because you’d rather have fun in another place. Current travelers get well informed on the places they’re going to visit and have very clear ideas about what they want to see or not. As your private guide is there for you and your family or friends, we’d be delighted to listen to your requests.

You’ll learn what you want to know

Although there are some topics that are of general interest, each person has their own passions. When you’ve got a private guide, those concerns are addressed. We respond to any query you might have, because we know that you’ve come to us for a very special reason, your reason. As we said, your learning and you having a good time with us are our aims. So, the most important thing is your curiousity, not our scripts. Get to know this Private tour to the places of Federico Garcia Lorca in Granada.

You can avoid interruptions by others on the tour with you

When you are one more person amid a group of fifteen people or more, conversations are usually arisen among those on the tour, even conflicts. This prevents you from being able to hear what the tour guide is saying. As a result, you will have wasted the tour, since you’ll have missed out half of the explanations. On the other hand, if you want to understand well, you have no other choice but to weave through the other people in order to get to the front.

With a private guide, there’s no need to queue. It’s just you, your tour guide, walking together, as if they were just another friend or relative in the group.

Sustainable and conscientious tourism

This way of travelling is a commitment to sustainable and conscientious tourism, tourism that treats an environment we love with respect. Granada Tours owes its beauty and uniqueness to the people who live and have lived there. In this sense, our work has to get into the life of its historic sites, without damaging the monuments and without preventing our neighbours and locals from living their daily life.

Tour Granada and the Alhambra with a private guide

When you first think about it, the services of a private guide could seem more expensive than joining a group. However, to learn the same amount in a group as you can learn with a personal guide, you’d have to take three or four tours. While if you book a professional guide for a small group of 3 or 4 people, the result is going to be quite affordable.

If you choose any of our tours you’ll see that our guides don’t just explain things, but that they’re also passionate about doing so. So even though you start with some very specific interests, the guides are able to seed other ones. When we tell a story it is very common for questions to arise unexpectedly. The same thing can happen about your companions on the tour. Since the group is quite small, you get a lot more knowledge and a better experience. This is why at CICERONE we only work with professional guides, masters on Granada, who go around with you and for you.

Taking this into account, we also pursue this philosophy on regular tours: we adapt to our customers needs, because we don’t have more than 12 individuals in a group. It is a lot more comfortable for you, but also for the local residents in Granada, the Albaicin and Sacromonte.

At Cicerone our job isn’t a job, it’s our hobby. This is why we’re so passionate about what we do and we take on our tours with such enthusiasm. We’ve got enough positive energy to spread it to the people walking with us. Feel like getting to know Granada and the Alhambra in our company? If so, you can hire a private guide for Granada and the Alhambra on our website or by writing us an email at you have any questions, we’re available whenever you want. We look forward to seeing you.