Halloween in Granada: ghosts in the city

Granada is a city teeming with lingering souls. Perhaps they’ve got unfinished business, want to protect their homes, eternalise love or they’ve been hurt so badly that they simply cannot find the strength to escape and leave for the land of the dead. Granada is filled with the souls of many who have passed away, but long to stay in the land of the living. Some are so active and so present, that locals are used to living alongside them.Are you spending Halloween in Granada? Do you want to meet our friends?

Ghost sightings in Granada

If you’ve toured the Alhambra (Alhambra Tours), you must have wondered about the many taunted souls in search of an old love or those attempting to escape from a captor. It doesn’t stop there… Keep listening and you’ll be surprised when you discover the first protagonists of our story of the afterlife.

The cats of the Alhambra

cats in the alhambra

Cats are an essential part of the Alhambra complex. They form part of its columns and walls. In fact, people say that they’ve been living there for hundreds of years. The cats you can see there today are the eyes of the history of Granada. They’ve been on the Monte de Sabica for centuries and have seen the Zirids, then the Nasrids, and finally, the Christians. Nobody knows exactly what they want, but the rumours are true. They’re immortal and appear when you least expect it, with stealth. Could they really be the eyes that reveal the history of the Alhambra? Get to know this private tour of the Albaicín and Sacromonte.

Gomérez Street is home to a soul who communicates with bangs

There’s a haunted house on Gomérez Street. It remained undiscovered until a young musician moved in and started to experience strange happenings. He began to think he was going crazy when he started to feel a presence in his house, which caused sudden drops in temperature. As we mentioned, the boy thought it was him. Everything changed when his friends told him that not only did they too feel this presence, they had also seen a man. From this moment on, the man began to bang on the walls as a way in which to communicate. The brave musician wanted to know what was wrong with this soul so very determined to make contact. He’s being trying to solve the mystery ever since.

The White Lady: the appearance of the daughter of the Catholic Monarch’s secretary

If you want to spend Halloween in Granada, you can’t miss out on this tangled love story. The secretary of the Catholic Monarchs, Hernando de Zafra, has a daughter called Elvira. She’s madly in love with the son of a sworn enemy of the Zafra family. Sound familiar? Get to know this Private tour Places of Isabella the Catholic in Granada.
Passionate Elvira couldn’t hold her love back and arranged a secret meeting with her lover. One day, her father very nearly caught them. But Elvira’s servant warned them just in time. The lover jumped out the window and Hernando de Zafra thought that his daughter, undressed at the time, was in an intimate relationship with her servant. Her father took no pity on the poor servant and executed him by hanging him on the balcony.

Then, he covered the balcony and ordered an inscription; “waiting for her in heaven”. The romantic Elvira could not bear what had happened and poisoned herself. Ever since, the presence of a girl, the White Lady, has been roaming around the house. Would you be afraid? The young, beautiful girl brings peace to the souls of those who cross her path.

Halloween in Granada: the ghost in the council building

ghosts in the council building in granada

The ghost in the council building is one of the most loved in Granada. This ghost has been with us for so many years that we’ve even come to find a soft spot for it. Thus, we talk about it whenever we can. Following the conquest of the Catholic Monarchs, the Queen ordered the construction of churches, one of which was the Corpus Christi, best-known as the Magdalena’s Church. A convent was later built next to this church. Nothing strange yet? What would you think if we told you that one day, a runaway funeral cart crashed into several pedestrians on its approach to the church? Don’t you think that’s rather spooky?

Well, you’re not alone. So, what happened next? When some of the Church possessions were privatised, the temple was converted into a fabric warehouse: Almacenes la Magdalena. They say that the employees wouldn’t dare go inside alone. The rolls of fabric fell over, there were strange noises, bizarre sensations… they were so afraid, they always went inside in pairs.

Later on, the Woolworth chain took over the building and during the reformation works, they stumbled upon a room full of human bones. Instead of reporting this discovery, they decided to bury them in the new foundations. Again, the employees had strange experiences: lights turning on and off, objects moving on their own… And seven years later, Woolworth closed the doors and upon turning the key, the lights turned on by themselves.

Besides, when the Council took over, the same thing continued to happen. In consequence, once again, the employees entered in pairs and the security guards ended up leaving. The only one who remained was deaf. Electronic voice phenomenon tests have been carried out in an attempt to find out what really goes on inside the building. Phrases such as “you’ll regret it…” were recorded, but it still remains unclear what they want or what really happened there. What we do know is that it is part of the city and although it frightens us terribly, we’ll be sad to see this spirit freed.

Spending Halloween in Granada is special in its own way. The smell of roast chestnuts blends with the breath of the souls who are no longer with us, but are still present. However, it’s a breath that sooths, cures and calms. Could it be the White Lady?

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