Cicerone obtains the Biosphere Sustainability Certificate

A cultural organization must be responsible with its community and the planet. We are clear on that, so, for this reason, our aim is to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. This compromise has lead us to obtain the Biosphere Sustainability Certificate.

In 2015, 195 countries, including Spain, pledged to pursue 17 goals that seek equality among people, protect the planet, and ensure economic prosperity. At Cicerone, we are aligned with this commitment, because we honestly believe in them.

This is why we are so proud to have received the Biosphere Sustainability Certificate. This Certificate is for organizations in the tourism sector that effectively exercise and promote conscious and sustainable tourism.

Biosphere was born to promote the design of experiences that improve the socioeconomic and environmental reality of destination places. The Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) and UNESCO came together for organizations that have a real commitment to responsible tourism to meet in the Biosphere community.

Being a part of it is an honor and, as we said, a responsibility of the present for the future. Part of our daily activity is aimed at developing processes and actions that reduce our ecological footprint and increase our presence in the socio-economic development of Granada. Likewise, we encourage our clients so that the rest of their stay in the city persues the Sustainable Development Goals.

Therefore, we are very pleased to receive the Biosphere certificate. We welcome it as recognition of our efforts and as an incentive to continue struggling to create a kinder world.