5 reasons to take a private guide

Mass tourism is being left in the past, as nowadays, people take individual travel instead of group travel, where they may choose the time frame and a tailor-made tour made specifically for them. Taking a private guide is not as expensive as it could be thought, especially if you go within a small group of around 5 people. Moreover, an individual approach to a city has much more to offer than the classical big groups.


Guides make a big difference, they are erudite multi-skilled specialists. These persons should be able to fine-tune the travel plan to the client requests, adjust it as tailor-made, depending on members opinion, weather and other circumstances. In Cicerone we only work with professional guides, specialists in Granada. Theya all are able to go with you in a private visit, and also adapt our regular tours, as our groups are no bigger than 12 people.

Everything is within his or her competence: from the story about the sights and advice in the selection of souvenirs to the recommendation of a favorable exchange office and providing first aid. Private guides usually specialize in specific cities or regions where they live. Therefore, they are well-versed not only in the history of the area, but also in the mentality differences, education system, prices, political and cultural life. Guides are characterized by sociability and endless vivid curiosity: they are joy to communicate with!

Reasons to take private guide

  • With a private guide you can follow your route at your own pace. No hurry and bustle, and so on. This is especially significant for those who travel with children that quickly get tired.
  • You can change your direction and refuse seeing a well-known museum or a church in favor of some unusual places, outside the classic excursion program. The list of your accompanying person certainly will include a couple of chilling and touching places.fachadacuria
  • If you are fond of photo or video shooting and want to capture some building you liked from different even the most awkward angles, you will have as much time to do it as you give yourself, and not the standard 2 or 3 minutes.
  • You will learn a lot of new things that are personally important to you, instead of banal monologue sprinkled with facts, which are often interesting only for the tour guide. You will hear a story and get answers to your questions one-to-one, not from the loudspeaker on the bus, with a snoring neighbors, or from the third or fourth lane of the tour group.
  • Alone with a private guide you get rid of emotional comments of your group neighbors, from other’s questions and distracted discussions.
When you take a private guide, you dictate the conditions

A private guide services, at first glance, are more expensive than following a group. But in fact one such tour by its semantic and emotional content is worth of two or three group tours. And if you hire a professional for a friendly company of 3-4 people, you can seriously save money!

Guides in Cicerone are lucky ones, as for them their work is also a hobby. That’s why they are always passionate about what they do, they are not in a bad mood and their positive energy is enough to charge people around them. Why not take advantage of their inspiration and make a vacation in a good company? Book now your private guide in Granada or private guide for the Alhambra wit Cicerone. Get to know this private tour of the Albaicín and Sacromonte.

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