Must see in Granada: discover the best viewpoints

Wandering around Granada is an exquisite activity. Most of our streets are pure art, a piece of the European history and culture. It is very easy to come across with a monument or a historic site while you are just taking a walk. However, its beauty goes beyond that: it has unique panoramic views that also show the magnificence of the city. Do you want to know which are the viewpoints you must see in Granada?

Viewpoints you must see in Granada

We will talk about the best-known viewpoints but also about those which may go unnoticed, despite their beauty. We are seriously committed to Sustainable Development Goals, so our suggestions are aimed to favor conscious tourism and slow down overtourism.

Carvajales viewpoint

carvajales vistas

Placed in the Albaicin neighborhood (the Moorish area), you get there by walking through its typical narrow streets and alleys. While addressing Carvajales viewpoint, you will be surrounded bv the essence of the Albaicin: cobbled floors and subtle tea scents embrace you. Once there, you will see the Alhambra, the Vela Tower and Generalife gardens. In addition, crowds are avoided since it is one of those secret spots that mostly locals know. You can visit it as part of our Essential Granada Private tour.

San Cristobal viewpoint

mirador de san cristobal

It is located in the High Albaicin, next to San Cristóbal (Saint Christopher) church. There, you will admire an amazing wall built in the XI century by the ziris sultans and the sidelines of the Alhambra altogether with one of the most beautiful and complete pictures of Granada. Seeing the city from this perspective is ideal to truly understand the richness of our history. In 1997, Bill Clinton himself watched the sunset from here and claimed that it was the finest sunset in the world.

San Nicolas viewpoint

san nicolas mirador

This is the best-known viewpoint in Granada. Doubtless, it is also the most visited, due to its position in relation to the Alhambra and Granada.  It offers outstanding views of the monumental complex, Generalife gardens and Sierra Nevada Mountains. Besides, there are flamenco guitar players and craft stalls where local artists exhibit their work. The sunset here is also marvelous.

Mezquita Mayor Viewpoint

sight from major mosque in granada

Next to San Nicolás (Saint Nicholas) Viewpoint you can find the Mezquita Mayor (the Major Mosque), with splendorous gardens and a fountain built in Arabic style. Maybe it sounds strange, but despite of being so close to Saint Nicholas Viewpoint and, therefore, offering the same scenery, it is usually very quiet and peaceful.

Verea de Enmedio viewpoint

It shows panoramic views of the Sacromonte (the Gypsy Neighborhood of Granada), the Alhambra and Generalife gardens, the Low Albaicin, and the city centre. You can enjoy it during our Private Walking tour to the Albaicin and Gypsy Sacromonte

Santa Isabel la Real viewpoint

views from Santa Isabel la real viewpoint in granada

This viewpoint is located in the newly built square, known as Huerto del Carlos, beside Santa Isabel la Real, a monastery created after Isabella the Catholic wishes in 1501. It has fountains and seats which lead you to a relaxing atmosphere. You also have the opportunity to wonder at the typical cobbled floor in Granada old quarter. Furthermore, you will see the Alhambra, including the Alcazaba (the fortress) and Sierra Nevada Mountains.

San Miguel Alto viewpoint

views from San Miguel alto viewpoint in granada
granada por el mundo

This is the highest viewpoint in Granada, so you must walk up a slope to get there, but keep in mind that the angle you have is absolutely unique. On the left, the Alhambra stands out; opposite, the Albaicin and the historic centre are the protagonists and, on the right, Sierra Elvira spreads out. The beauty of this scenery is overwhelming, you will never forget the feeling of breathing in such a magical place.

Carmen de la Victoria viewpoint

must see in granada carmen de la victoria views
granada por el mundo

You find “cármenes” everywhere in Granada. A carmen is a household placed in the Albaicin, which comes from the Arabic tradition. They are formed by a courtyard with a garden or an orchard, a fountain and a house. At the Carmen de la Victoria there is a magnificent perspective of the Alhambra that it is completed by the scents of the gardens and the hypnotic sound of the flowing water

Churra Viewpoint

must see in Granada views from churra viewpoint

At the feet of the Alhambra, you will be trapped with an incomparable panoramic of the Albaicin. Few people know it, so it is free of crowds. You can stand and look at the horizon in a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. It becomes the perfect location to feel in total communion with yourself and the city.

How to get to the Albaicin and Sacromonte

As you can see, the most beautiful viewpoints are in the Albaicin and Sacromonte. The best way to get there is by bus or on foot. Although there are places accessible for cars, we recommend you the least pollutant and disturbing alternatives. If you walk or use the bus, your ecological footprint will be minor and it will be more respectful for local daily life.

If you choose this alternative, you can take C30, C31, C32, C34 buses. Here you are more details.

Our city is the result of a wide mixture of culture. This becomes tangible when you look at it from above. The presence of these cultures emerges from the roofs, walls, towers and the layout in Granada.