Cicerone Granada collaborates with the KLM vuela sostenible forum

Since we were born, CICERONE Granada has been aligned with conscious and sustainable tourism. We wanted to contribute to the economic revitalization of the city, but always respecting its roots. What makes it authentic. Putting Granada’s soul at risk means risking our history, our DNA, what we have done to be who we are. Therefore, we support all the initiatives that defend the model of sustainable tourism, such as “KLM Vuela sostenible”: Tourism and Sustainability Forum that will be held on November 23, and to which 130 people have signed up.

This forum is an initiative of KLM airline, but the city of Granada Council and the Andalusia Travel blogger are also organizers, with the collaboration of several organizations in Granada, including CICERONE. When we learned about the forum, we immediately fell in love with the philosophy of the event: bringing together travel bloggers and influencers who practice conscious tourism and who have a great influence. We know that bloggers and instagramers currently have an enormous capacity to communicate their values ​​and mobilize their followers. In addition, by being in the same forum, they can exchange their impressions and enrich themselves with others and thereby improve their travel experiences, as well as those of their followers.

The bloggers and specialists who will attend are:

  • Belén Kayser: journalist involved in reflecting on the environment, technology and economy. He works in media such as El País, in the Business, Retina, El Viajero and Especiales sections, as well as in the official Madrid Fusión, Gastroactitud, and Ethi magazine. She also collaborates with Momad Sustainable Experience and the consultant Slow Fashion Next
  • Cecilio Puertas: photographer, teacher and cultural manager. She is part of La Ampliadora, Social School of Photography and Pa-ta-ta Festival, where he designed socio-educational intervention projects
  • Mariela Maitane: she is a cultural mediator and is part of the Herstorics team. She has worked on community development projects in Granada, Sao Paulo and London. With extensive training in a gender perspective, she has also worked in cultural management and heritage interpretation
  • Mar Villalba Vega: a psychologist specializing in corporate social responsibility. For a few years, she has her own travel blog,, in addition to collaborating as a consultant in sustainable tourism
  • Teresa Lorenzo: blogger with a significant role in the Andalusia Travel Bloggers Association. He is in charge of organizing Blogtrips and is dedicated to the planning of sustainable trips aligned with the concept of slow travel
  • Arián González: travel blogger in Anduriante, is an audio-visual producer and journalist. Ambassador of the Biosphere seal of the Responsible Tourism Institute, writes about sustainable tourism in Viajes National Geographic. Currently, she is immersed in the #olaAsia project together with the NGO Viaja, Disfruta y Ayuda. He will do his presentation in streaming
  • Javier Godínez: he founded the NGO Viaja, Disfruta y Ayuda, with the goal of putting solidarity travelers in contact with social projects. He has also had participated in #HazAlgoMálaga and co-directed #LaBasuraNoDaLikes
  • Jordi Canal Soler: travel writer and blogger who has done expeditions to the North Pole, the Sahara, the Alps or the Amazon. He tells his trips in specialized media and books, such as Viaje al Blanco, Tierras del norte or Joyas culturales de Europa
  • Sergio Otegui Palacios: travel blogger in who has visited more than 30 countries. He launched #LaBasuraNoDaLikes in Indonesia, to visualize the problem of garbage and its management
  • Alberto Menéndez: studied law and international relations, but he left his job for travelling. He is now a travel reporter and blogger. He worked in the #FueraDeRuta section on TVE2 Tips. He directs events like #QuedadaMinube and has created others, such as the “Digital Influencers Speed ​​Networking”. In addition, he a part of #LaBasuraNoDaLikes. Today he travels with Mochileros TV
  • Manuel José Carpintero: he defines himself as a teacher, explorer and disseminator. He founded the Astronomical and Geographic Society of Ciudad Real and the first world expedition to reach the Antarctic Circle on a sailboat 14 meters long. He has collaborated with National Geographic. In an expedition to Norway, focused on education in values, with 14 scientific students, he developed two scientific projects for the European Space Agency

For our part, we will offer two guided tours. On the one hand, we walk through the Tour of places of Federico García Lorca in Granada and, on the other, we have a route through the Hidden Granada, where we tell the mysteries and legends of Granada. In this way, bloggers can enjoy a tour in Granada that will lead them to know the city from two very different, but very genuine perspectives, thanks to our passionate guides.

Any effort to support sustainable tourism is little. Therefore, in addition to being the central axis of our private tours or of our premium small groups, we are always open to participate in projects that seek to reflect on traveling responsibly and raise awareness of its importance.