The history of Granada in Centro Cultural CajaGranada Memoria de Andalucía

This week the Centro Cultural CajaGranada Memoria de Andalucía is home to the exhibition Treasures of Granada”. Select collections from the Museo Arqueológico, comprised of 83 pieces which offer a comprehensive view of the history of Granada from the origins of the city until the 15th century.

The selected pieces on exhibition are ordered chronologically and tell a story starting with treasures as important as “El frontal del niño de la Carigüela”, remains of the first farmers and shepherds from the Neolithic period, the appearance of ceramics and polished stone. They are followed by pieces from the Bronze Age and a section focusing exclusively on Megalithic Culture, with parts focusing on seafaring and trading cultures such as the Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians.

Another area is devoted to Roman times and there are also items from the initial Catholic Granada, both Byzantine and Visigoth. As an epilogue, there is a section especially dedicated to the grandeur of Al-Andalus culture’s Granada, with objects as important as the lamp of Medina Elvira, the Jarrón de Antequera and lavish panels of Nasrid tiles. Additionally, the exhibition is taking place next to the Museo de la Memoria de Andalucía (Museum of the Memory of Andalucia), which means visitors can enjoy a full vision of the history of the region of Andalusia, since the Museum has the most cutting edge museum resources presently available in Spain. It can be visited from 6th February until 15th July 2012.

Source: La Opinión Granada