Three European museums collaborate to reinforce the Islamic art investigation

The Museo de la Alhambra, the Louvre and London’s Victoria & Albert have partnered together for a pioneering initiative to encourage further research on Nasrid ceramics and plasterwork through studying and exchanging Islamic art collections belonging to these three institutions.  These three museums are teaming up as the European Network of Museums of Islamic Art (REMAI) for the 1st International Congress on the subject which will take place over several days with experts taking part and debating Alhambrism and the photographic history and dissemination as well as the influences of golden ceramics.

Claire Déléry, a scientific partner from the Department of Islamic Art at the Louvre Museum, attended the inauguration. Tre Louvre has a department specialising in Islamic art with pieces from Occident  and the West from Spain, Portugal and the Maghreb. The collaboration between the three institutions involved will serve to increase knowledge about Islamic art and production techniques in places where Nasrid plasterwork is found. The goal of the congress is to raise awareness about the collaborative work undertaken between these three European museums to promote collecting, improve conservation of Islamic art and open the initiative to other international museum institutions.

The European Network of Museums of Islamic Art, which is a part of the programme Cultura 2007-2013 by the Agencia Ejecutiva in the area of education, audiovisuals and culture, has promoted the creation of a multilingual website (Spanish, French and English) aimed at raising awareness on the project’s results. It also includes a virtual Islamic art exhibition that’s publicly accessible and is based on a selection of the pieces which are being investigated by the three associated museums.

Source: Agencia EFE