Coronavirus: patience, responsibility and positivity

It is true that we are in an absolutely new situation with the Coronavirus, we have never been in a similar juncture. But it is also true that it will pass and everything will come back to normal. If we want this to happen as soon as possible, we must become aware of the role we play in the society and accept it with responsibility. That is why at Cicerone Granada we have decided to close our Customer Service-Centre until further notice and cancel our guided tours until further notice. Meanwhile, we keep on working from home.

We are aware that for many people, traveling is a way of being in the world. Now is the time to plan the next getaways because, this will end soon. If you were thinking of coming to Granada or anywhere else before May, you can postpone it, and if you already have a destination booked for later months, we recommend keeping the reservation. In any case, you will always have time to delay your trips and getaways or cancel them if the coronavirus is not under controlled by that time. Responsibility and positivity can be compatible.

Actually, we have plenty of examples over the last decades: we have proved to be a supportive society. When it is about a crisis, we all know how to take care of ourselves and each other. Therefore, we are convinced that we will get over this phenomenon rapidly. In addition, in our case, it has helped us to remind of why we chose this job. Our love for Granada and for our project is more alive than ever. That explains how hard we are working so we can come back even stronger.

This break is only a moment. A while. In the meantime, you can continue dreaming about your next adventure, choosing the places you want to visit, selecting the guided tours that you cannot miss, asking about the most frequented places by the locals, investigating the gastronomy of your destination.

Regarding us, tourism agencies and professionals will be doing what we are most passionate about: working to offer you the best possible experience.