Alhambra virtual tour: discover the Moorish Granada

One of the greatest pleasures when travelling is planning every detail. To do so, there is nothing better than actually knowing the site you are going to visit. With that in mind, if you are travelling to Granada, we recommend you do a virtual tour of the Alhambra. You can use this map of The Alhambra developed by the Open Training Platform at the University of Granada

As you can see, the monument is huge and has several areas, but, which is which? What do you find once you are in The Alhambra? You can check it out on this virtual map and inform yourself comfortably from your sofa.

In this way, when you are at the monument you will be totally aware of the Historic and Cultural significance of everything you see. You will be able to visualize what life in Granada was like and therefore the visit will be all the richer.

But the best of all is, as we mentioned, that when you step on the ground that you have learned about and imagined, your feelings will be alive to all the walls, gardens, stories andlegends…

To strengthen this feeling, the best thing to do is take a private tour in Alhambra with one of our tour guides, because with them, you can make itinerary suggestions and focus on areas of personal interest from the virtual tour.

This is how technology opens History’s doors. It links you to ancient civilizations from home and turns your visit into a truly unforgettable experience.

Enjoy your virtual tour of the Alhambra. The dream begins.