Alhambra safety: tips and services

The Alhambra is one of the most-visited monuments in the world. In fact, it’s usually featured in the top ten. Many visitors ask us about safety at the Alhambra and what to do when visiting the monument, especially after the arrival of coronavirus. For this reason, we’ve decided to give you some tips and explain the infrastructure of the Alhambra so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

At Cicerone Granada, we have got national and international safety certification such as Andalucía Segura and Safe Travel (given by World Travel Tourism Council).

Remember we are always at your disposal. You may ask us any doubt you have.

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Coronavirus Protocol at the Alhambra

First of all, its capacity is limited up to 50%. This capacity control will affect the ticket office, as well as the online sale and the Information Control Staff. Therefore, 4.250 tickets a day will be released every day. They will be linked to an exact time to favor the capacity control.

As in all public spaces, the use of mask is mandatory. Remember that in order to be effective, it has to cover your chin, nose and mouth. The Alhambra has set up hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at all the access points and all the monuments in the Patronato de la Alhambra y el Generlife, including the ones which are available in the Dobla de Oro tour.

With the aim of raise awareness within the visitors, there are sings to remind us of the importance safety distance. Of course, these signs are totally respectful with the heritage. Additionally, you are offered a QR code with all the recommendations.

Don`t forget that there is no baby carrier service, touch points, cloakroom or audio guides.

Safety measures: Alhambra access

Buying tickets (How to buy tickets for the Alhambra) already contributes to ensuring a safe environment at the monumental complex. In fact, it has established two different queues: one for groups and one for individual visitors. The interpersonal distance is tracked here too.

As the tickets are assigned, you must present it physically or with a QR code alongside with an original identity document. In this way, the Alhambra has a significant control of who enters the complex itself. Therefore, locating people is very simple, as well as being able to access their information, in the event that any incident was to occur.

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Security scanners and access control

As is the case with sports grounds or particularly busy locations, security scanners are essential. It’s important to prevent entry with any item that could potentially damage the heritage. This is why all bags and backpacks bigger than 40×40 cm are prohibited. On the other hand, control devices are placed randomly along the path.

If you’re touring during summer time, the best thing to do is taking a bottle of water as one of your essential ones. You’ll realise that within the grounds, the temperature is significantly cooler thanks to the nature that surrounds the Alhambra. In fact, it’s a good spot to keep cool in summer.

Coronavirus protocol at Cicerone Granada

We always have taken responsible tourism very seriously. From our beginnings, we have worked with small groups. Therefore, what is now a legal obligation, for us is routine. Even so, we have added safety measures for this juncture.

Although full security is impossible, we have created protocol to favour it. Our guides have been given instructions on safety and hygiene measures that they will explain to our clients.

Interpersonal contact will be avoided: make sure you bring your smartphone with you so that you can confirm your reservation with it. In addition to the mask, our guides are provided with hydroalcoholic gel and you may ask for it whenever you need it. Currently, there aren’t be radio guides available.

If you suffer hearing disability, we beg you to inform us in advance.  Thus, we can use a transparent screen during the tour.

The Red Cross reinforces safety at the Alhambra

The Patronato de Turismo de Generalife y la Alhambra signed an agreement with the Red Cross Spain and have enabled us to focus on safety and sustainability. In order to make sure this is the case, Javier Senenet, the president of Red Cross Spain, travelled to Granada to watch the success of the launch of these new measures.

To make his stay more comfortable, the Cicerone guides accompanied him on his journey to discover the beautiful history of the monumental complex. He was very satisfied with the launch of the plan and moved by the secrets of the Alhambra.

Healthcare stand with qualified personnel

Thanks to the Red Cross, in addition to being a cardio protected space the Alhambra has an onsite nurse and lifeguard to tend to any incidences. This service benefits both visitors and members of staff. These services are of course available every day, during the public opening hours.

During the daytime visits, there is an on-site ambulance equipped with all the necessary material for an emergency. During the night experience in Alhambra, the driver and assistant are appropriately trained to carry out these tasks.

Electric two-seater vehicle for transfers

If an incident were to occur and there was a need to access a different part of the Alhambra, the Red Cross has provided an electric vehicle. This aids mobility and transforms Granada into an example of sustainability and care for the environment through the introduction of this means of transport. Thanks to its markings, it is easily-recognisable and facilitates the circulation of the other visitors.

Immediate response team for psychosocial emergencies

Luckily, this type of crisis has not taken place at the Alhambra, but it’s always good to know that we have immediate psychological support on hand in the event of a crisis. In certain situations, having the support of specialist professionals during these episodes eases a quicker recovery.

Alhambra staff code of conduct

Those who work at the Alhambra do so under a code of conduct, including health, safety and respect. In fact, this commitment includes behaviour guidelines for working with people with diverse abilities, whether physical or cognitive. This code of conduct includes strategies to encourage accessibility and to aid communication with these individuals by tending to their needs. Among these is their right to autonomy.

There are more than enough good reasons to enjoy the marvel that is the Alhambra, with a carefree mood. All you need to do is listen to your guide, talk to them and open your eyes wide to take in the stunning beauty of this monument. Nature, ponds, colours, legends and tales that still remain after all this time are really worth the visit, how about joining our of our Alhambra Tours?