A visit with the Red Cross foundation

Last week, Granada received an enjoyable visit on behalf of the Regional Delegation of Catalonia ( Delegación Autonómica de Cruz Roja Cataluña). We met Antoni Aguilera (president), Carmen Rico (regional secretary), and Enric Morist (regional coordinator) from the Catalonia Red Cross (Creu Roja Catalunya), when they came to visit the main proyect of Loja Red Cross (Cruz Roja Loja).

As explained to us by Francisco Moya, a technician at Red Cross Loja, the visit from the Catalonia Red Cross is due to one of their most successful projects (El Pinar Centro Social y de Atención a la Infancia). The project they came to see focuses on providing help for children with families who are at risk of social exclusion, by encouraging inclusion and environmental familiarisation. A group of retired and active teachers has given up their time to carry out this project by volunteering to help children in the educational environment. The success of the project is owed to the personalised support that these fantastic volunteers are able to offer. And not just that, they help them with school subjects, but they also offer citizenship education or organise outdoor activities.

There’s more! If that wasn’t enough, the rest of the family members are invited to join in with the project, helping these families, some of which are from abroad, to adapt to and become active members in today’s society. They’ve done an incredible job and the project has been successful, with quite positive results. So, that’s why the management team at the Catalonia Red Cross paid us a visit.

During their visit to Granada, they also took advantage of being here. That’s why we did a visit with the Red Cross to the Alhambra. They were both thankful and taken aback by the visit, but as always, for us it was a pleasure to show them this wonder of the world and to be able to share the magic of the Alhambra with you all. We’ll leave you with this picture from the visit: here you can see Antoni, Carmen, Enric and Francisco with their guide, María Angustias. A rather chilly visit.

Cicerone a visit with the Red Cross to the Alhambra