A guide makes the difference on your visit

Have you ever asked yourself what can you do to make your museum visit a little more special?

The answer is not found in what to see and what to do, but with whom: a guide. When we visit a museum, or any monument really, we can always consider the option of looking for an expert to help us. So, why should we consider it? Below we’ll give you some reasons focusing on art which can be applied to all cultural experiences.

The experience improves when we interact with the art.

museum guide

A guide who knows how to convey emotions to the visitors can increase our interest, leaving us curious and with concerns, making us wonder about these pieces. Something we didn’t have planned from the start. It’s easy however for someone to tell a story, of an author, a painting, the materials… facts that without a communication professional, such as a guide, could be a potent sleeping pill for someone only trying to look at a painting. All experts on the subject will know however how to question and stimulate our minds so the art captures our profound interest.

Let’s continue with other reasons why a guide makes the difference, with a guide we can not only wonder about, but ask, comment and share the various appreciations that art conveys to us.

How can we contribute to our experience? When we visit a museum we shouldn’t go home with questions unanswered, its important to state here that there are no ‘stupid’ questions. Sometimes asking a guide more personalised questions, such as what their favourite piece is, results in a surprising answer and a new discovery. The guide will always be willing to share their opinion and will make the visit more enjoyable for everyone. Asking about the areas and the facilities during a visit can also be a wise decision and lead us to places which are not always the most popular but worth it all the same.

The final thing to point out is that the experience will always depend on the two parties: the guide and the visitor, the visits are a combination of the contributions of both parties.


Source: How to visit an art museum – Johan Idema