Best places to visit in Andalusia

Andalusia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Spain. Thanks to its vibrant history, the region is home to a number of beautiful cities, magical beaches, and enchanting natural landscapes that represent a variety of cultures and religions. Therefore, it’s hard to decide exactly what to see in Andalusia. At Cicerone, we’re here to help you organize your perfect trip.

Andalusia in its purest form: 5 essential places not to miss during your visit

The region of Andalusia is home to some of the best places to see in Southern Spain. There is an abundance of spectacular travel destinations to visit, meaning there is truly something for everyone to enjoy!

The historic city of Granada

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At the heart of Andalusia is the historic city of Granada, an unmissable stop on your next trip to the region. Best known for its tapas, Granada is the perfect place to discover Andalusian cuisine. With a variety of traditional and contemporary dishes on offer, finding good food in this city will be a piece of cake!

As well as its vibrant gastronomy, the city also boasts a rich architectural history, culminating in the enchanting Arab palace, the Alhambra and its surrounding gardens. An outstanding view of this historical monument can be seen from the San Nicholas viewpoint, just a short walk outside of the city center.

The lively city of Seville

sevilla plaza de españa

Seville is often listed as one of the top tourist destinations to visit in Europe, and for good reason! This charming city really does have something for everyone, especially in the central Santa Cruz neighborhood. Here, you can find the famous Alcazar of Seville and the Cathedral. This area also has a large variety of bars, cafes and restaurants to explore. It’s not surprising that it’s the most visited part of the city!

Incredible Andalusian architecture

As a break from the bustling city center, a walk through the Plaza de España and surrounding Maria Luisa Park is an absolute must. The Plaza de España is a perfect example of the impressive variety of architecture which can be found in the city. It’s also a great place to watch some open-air flamenco!

For a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, we recommend a visit to the Setas of Seville. This contemporary construction is a real architectural marvel and offers picture-perfect views of the skyline from the upper platform, especially at sunset.

Feria de Abril in Seville

To experience the culture of Seville at its best, we recommend a trip to the city during Feria de Abril. This festival, which takes place in April, is a week full of dancing, eating, drinking and socializing. It really is an unmissable experience to experience Andalusian culture to the maximum!

Cadiz, a charming, quaint city

catedral de cádiz

Despite being one of the lesser-known cities of Andalusia, Cadiz and its surrounding area has something for everyone to enjoy. For those who want to spend time in nature, the Doñana National Park is the perfect place to do so. It is located less than an hour outside of the city itself.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most protected locations in Europe. This isn’t surprising considering the wealth of wildlife and biodiversity that we can find here. It’s an Andalusian hidden gem that’s not to be missed.

Cadiz is also one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, something which is reflected in the city today. We recommend a visit to the Cathedral and the Roman theatre in order to discover the spectacular history of Cadiz. You can also climb up the Cathedral tower to view the city from above.

Cadiz for the foodies!

If you want to delve further into the food and drink of the area, a trip to the Mercado Central is a must to explore the local produce. At Cicerone, we always promote the support of small local businesses, and the Mercado Central is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Plus, just a short car journey away is Jerez de la Frontera, the city where sherry was invented and continues to be produced. As one of the most popular alcoholic beverages imported into the United States, it is well worth a visit to experience where the delicious wine originates from.

Malaga, the vibrant city at the heart of the Costa del Sol


According to International Statistics on Tourism in Andalusia, Malaga is the most visited province of Andalusia, which is no doubt due to the magical beaches and glorious weather. With the AVE high-speed train link between the Costa del Sol and some of the other Andalusian cities. You can easily include a trip to the beach in your itinerary!

As the capital of the Costa del Sol, the city of Malaga has lots to offer including, beautiful beaches, a rich and artistic history and a variety of fascinating museums. The city has continued to reinvent and modernize itself, meaning that it is one of the top LGBTQ+ travel destinations, both in Spain and in Europe as a whole.

The city seamlessly combines the old with the new. That means that there is something to suit all tastes. As one of the most impressive buildings in the city, the cathedral is a must-see on your visit to Malaga.

A vivid artistic history

Take a stroll through the old city to see some of the historic architecture, as well as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso! There’s a strong artistic appreciation among locals, as demonstrated with frequent art exhibitions. The Pompidou Centre, of course. To see more of the artistic side of the city, we recommend a trip to the Soho neighborhood, where impressive art murals line the streets.

Cordoba, the cultural hub of Andalusia

mezquita de córdoba

Best known for its religious architecture and beauty, the city of Cordoba is the perfect place to appreciate the rich cultural history of Andalusia. The city is home to the famous Mezquita of Cordoba. It is an outstanding landmark which boasts the coexistence of different architectural styles. It also demonstrates the religious history of the region, due to its conversion from a mosque to a cathedral. 

For an incredible view of this city, we recommend a walk along the Roman bridge. It dates back to the first century. From this part of the city, you can take some amazing photos of the Cordoba skyline.

Explore the spectacular tradition of flamenco

Famous for its flamenco, Cordoba is also home to some amazing shows. This is a non-negotiable when visiting Andalusia, as the region is where the dance originates from. It’s an amazing and atmospheric experience for everyone.

This is just a selection of what’s on offer in the beautiful cities of Andalusia. We are sure you will be captivated by this beautiful region as soon as your feet first touch Andalusian soil! For more information on the best places to see in Southern Spain, feel free to get in contact with us.

Sustainable Tourism in Andalusia at Cicerone

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