Your child is the best museum guide

Could a child be the best museum guide? Your child could be the best guide you take to a museum, their curiosity always make them wonder about anything that comes to mind. Furthermore, they’ll see everything from their own point of view, the vantage point of a child, which isn’t always apparent to an adult. Sometimes the shame and the simplicity of a question is a factor affecting adults when asking about art, museums and monuments. However, your child will not have these types of hang-ups, children let their imagination soar and question the world around them.

child in a museum

To take full advantage of these great museum guides, you can always visit particularly absurd or extravagant pieces. It can be comforting to listen to your child talk about abstract art. Above all, ask them, ask difficult questions and you’ll find a new perspective.

Children can be fun participants on our tours; they make different what would otherwise be just normal, challenging the simplicity and the limits of art.

Now it’s time to visit a museum as if you were a child! Are you up for looking at things from a different point of view and giving these guides a chance?

child in a museum

Source: Como visitar un museo de arte – Johan Idema