Juacho’s farewell

Juancho Cicerone
We at CICERONE would like to thank Juan Pedro Fernández Martínez (Juancho) for his fine work as a tourist guide over the last few months. The clients of CICERONE have always commented how satisfied they are with our colleague’s work and we at CICERONE were delighted to have him with us. We wish Juancho every success in his future career and thank him for his dedication, professional attitude and the care he put into his work.

Before leaving us, Juancho wrote a heartfelt letter to his colleagues that we would like to share with out friends, clients and followers.


Only a few days ago I received news that the Andalucian Government was going to call me to start work straight away as a secondary school teacher. This urgent message put me in a serious dilemma: I found myself forced to choose between two great passions, two professions that for someone like me are a dream come true. Finally, after thinking about it as much as I could, I decided to try my luck in the world of teaching. It was an opportunity that I really could not afford to turn down.

This is why I am writing to you all now, because I am leaving long before I would have wanted to, and I did not want to leave Cicerone without first offering some modest but sincere words of thanks to the whole team.

As you know, I have only formed part of the Cicerone team for 8 months. The news that I had been selected to act as a guide sent chills all over me, an intense feeling of joy mixed with a degree of awe. I saw it as a great challenge ahead of me. Even so, nobody told me, back in the cold days of January 2017, that the experience would change my life.

At first, I was nervous about everything. “Nerves” that many of you had to suffer more than your fair share of. In that period of doubts and uncertainties, however, I received nothing but support from you all, and your advice, your trust.

Little by little, as time went by, that hesitant, insecure guy gradually became a true Cicerone guide, proudly representing the company that gave me everything and which I have tried to repay by putting 110% effort into every visit I make. The change in me is due to you all. THANK YOU. Thank you for the support that was so important to me in the first weeks.

Thank you Bea, for your clarity and for all the doubts you cleared up for me every day.

Thanks Juan, my friend, for showing me how to enjoy this wonderful profession.

Thanks Sofia for keeping my feet on the ground and for teaching me that humans cannot work miracles.

Thank you Estefanía, for revealing Albaicín to me in all its splendour.

Thank you Lucia for your sense of humour, and Mar, for your serenity and companionship. We were fellow adventurers in those early days, and you both helped me very much. I’m sure you both have spectacular futures as Cicerone “veterans”.

Thank you Carolina, Lorena, Laura, Ana, Sandra…, for being such good professionals and ensuring that the company keeps ticking over like a Swiss watch.

And of course, thank you María Angustias for your generosity. For your understanding. For all the values that I have learned over these 8 months. Thank you for making a mature, committed professional out of me, one who simply wants to take pride in showing our beautiful city to guests from all over the world.


Finally, of course, I would like to wish you all a brilliant future. I hope that our company continues to be a benchmark for quality in tourism in Granada in the years to come. It is a good feeling to know that I have been able to do a little bit to make this possible.

I want to say with all sincerity that it has been an immense pleasure to work with you all. I do not have the words to express how grateful I am right now to every member of the team. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


I wish you all the best. With thanks and love:



PS: I am attaching a lovely photo of the Alhambra that I took on my last night working as a guide. I hope you like it.

PS2: Violeta! I have not had the chance to meet you, but I wish you all the best as well!

“The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory.” Marco Tulio Cicerón.