Cicerone keeps supporting Granada’s sports

Cicerone Cultura y Ocio has always been a supporter of Granada’s sports, and today we specifically want to mention the Spanish Athletics Championships that took place in Valencia last weekend. Arián Tellez García-Valdecasas won his third gold in the 60m sprint at the Spanish Championships. Other Granadians were also successful, including Laura Bueno who won gold in the 400m and Daniel Rodríguez who won gold in the 200m.

At Cicerone, we want to celebrate this achievement, as far as we know that behind each and every one of you are people like your family and friends, who have supported you right from the start and they are just as important as your coaches. They’re the first ones to believe that you’ll give 100% to get results like those achieved this weekend. We’ll leave you with the video of the final and post-race interview following Arián’s victory. You can watch the full videos from the weekend on TDP.

All the best for your next races!