Cicerone sponsored athletes triumph in the Spanish Championship

athlete sponsored by Cicerone Granada

This weekend, La Nucía (Alicante) has hosted the National Athletics Championship. As the previous results indicated, the “strong and fast” Granada team, led by Manolo Jiménez and sponsored by CICERONE GRANADA, has triumphed, highlighting the sprinters.It is a pleasure to know that our efforts and support help these young people to fulfill their dreams, thanks alsoto the enormous sacrifices that the sport demands. These fighters won 10 medals between María Pérez, winner of a gold one, Arián Tellez, Dani Rodríguez,Sonia Molina, Fani Fortes, Mario López Maure and Andrea Serrano. The rest of the team also stood out for their bravery and ambition during the races. The Championship has left splendid feeling among those of us who witnessed it:it is a luxury to see these young people give their best and take their bodies to the limit. From CICERONE, we want to express our satisfaction in supporting this excited group and a leader so full of desire, a full-fledged motivator that makes us all dream of his dreams. We will follow this group with great attention and we are sure that we will continue to tell their successes.