Cicerone has received the Best Regional Turist 2019

Cicerone has just won the Best Regional Turist Award 2019 in Granada. We received the prize by the Luxury Travel Guide Awards, a brand specialised on luxury travel guides. Its evaluators travel worldwide to find the best services in the tourist industry. They look at hotels, airlines, and luxury touring service. They are sponsored by Aspire & Swissport International, which means we can be on its airlines, hotels, cruise guides.

cicerone best regional tourist service

Therefore, we are very proud of obtaining this award, since this edition there has been a strong competence in the Turist Service category. From now, we are on the European edition of  the Luxury Travel Guide. As we said when we were awarded back in 2106 as the Best Cultural Tour Operator of the Year 2016, we continue working to offer our clients the highest quality visit in Granada. We are truly thankful for this recognition of the Luxury Travel Guide. But,  above all, we want to say “thank you” to our clientes: they are the ones who let us create unique experiences in Granada. For Cicerone, being able to walk through every corner in Albaicín, entering in the Cathedral or discover the Alhambra marvels every day is indescribable.