#Granadaeselmotivo, new viral video from Granada

The video for the Granada’s new tourism campaign is becoming a hit on social media.  The city of Granada is beyond a doubt the main attraction in the clip, and we can see some of its prettiest areas, like the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, the Albayzín, la Carrera del Darro, or our beloved Plaza de Bibrambla . The soundtrack by the Granadinos, Lori Meyers, is also worthy of an award.

Under the hashtag #GranadaeselMotivo, meaning in English “Granada is the reason”, you will find all the information.

The short version, or teaser, has over 100,000 views on YouTube, although it is worth watching the full version as well:

We recommend this text by Javi Barrera, published yesterday in Ideal:

“The sun rises over the skyline of Granada. A woman contemplates the Albayzin from the viewpoint in La Churra, above Plaza Nueva and the Carrera del Darro.  The music plays and the Lori Meyers sing: «It is you who will change the world, who will destroy the theories of humanity. It is you who can see the fireflies and butterflies that flutter all around». A young man appears and embraces the protagonist. Hand in hand, they wander down the Albayzin with the backdrop of the Alhambra.

The first title of Granada City Council’s (Ayuntamiento de Granada) promotional video, “Granada es el motivo”, Granada is the reason,  appears superimposed.  To lose yourself.  The young couple wander around the city and then go into the Casa de Zafra. They finish off with dinner in the World Heritage area around the twinkling Alhambra; saint and symbol of Granada.

This is one of the stories featured in the ´Granada es el motivo´ video. It’s the main feature from Granada City Council and its tourist publicity campaign for this season, with the hashtag #Granadaeselmotivo.

The response has been exceptional, as in just two weeks the ´teaser´ has 100,000 views on YouTube. The teaser lasts just 20 seconds and has influenced both communication and social networking strategy.  The original version, which is both longer and more complicated, lasts just over two minutes.

Text by JAVIER F. BARRERA in GRANADA @juanlarzabal
Published on 20th June in Ideal:  http://www.ideal.es/granada/201507/20/granada-motivo-video-viral-20150720002333.html