Month: November 2019

cicerone granada colabora en klm vuela sostenible

Cicerone Granada collaborates with the KLM vuela sostenible forum

Since we were born, CICERONE Granada has been aligned with conscious and sustainable tourism. We wanted to contribute to the economic revitalization of the city, but always respecting its roots. What makes it authentic. Putting Granada’s soul at risk means risking our history, our DNA, what we have done to be who we are. Therefore, […]

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cuadro de el gran capitán

The Great Captain in Granada: The sharpest and most faithful soldier

Every era has its own particular values. In the 15th century, honour came first. And to defend and display your honour, you had to do something very difficult: giving everything for the glory of your kingdom and the Crown. The Great Captain, Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba, was a master at this. He lived his whole […]

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Federico Garcia lorca  and jazz music piano

Lorca and his passion for jazz: the poet of folk music

Federico García Lorca discovered his passion for jazz at a very complicated point in his life. In the midst of a life crisis, but already boasting a certain prestige as a poet and playwright, Federico was advised to go on a journey. The poet from Granada earned a place at Columbia University. This allowed him […]

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