Vermilion Towers

The Vermilion Towers or Torres Bermejas are from the Nasrid period. Due to its origins it is likely the oldest in Granada since it was located on the high hill overlooking the whole area. It is also where the Jews lived already in the early times of the Roman Empire. They were established in what is currently the Antequeruela and neighbourhood of Realejo. In the Muslim period it was the Jewish quarter or Aljama, which led to the name Granada, Garnata al-Yahud, the Pomegranate of the Jews.

So the castle of Mauror was both used for defence as well as for keeping watch and control. Three towers are what today remains from the castle, one larger one and two that are smaller, one defending to the east and the other to the west. In the Christian period a large artillery ravelin was built to the west to defend the castle.


From the castle the wall continued on to the south, encompassing Granada’s medina and the edge of Realejo, called rabad al-Fajjarin in Arabic times (the potters’ quarter).

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