Gate of Wine

Alhambra - Gate of wineThe Gate of wine (Puerta del Vino) was built by Muhammad III as a commemorative symbol of royal power and later on it was redecorated by Muhammad V

This door allowed access to the upper Alhambra and it is where the street Calle Real started, hub of the medina; it was also used as an intersection and border between the military and civil areas.

It was called the gate of wine because in the Christian period in the 16th century taxes had to be paid on wine entering via the gate that was destined for the Alhambra, giving rise to a wine market which would occur inside starting in 1554.

Gate of wine façades

Gate of wine. Foto de EmDee
The eastern façade is the most interesting and elaborate since it has some beautiful tiles in the haimet and above there is another double window (double arched).

Its western façade stands out for its arabesque decoration and flower cut into stone, with a double window. It is the oldest and coarsest, showing one of the few horseshoe pointed arches and the symbolic key.

Beside the western façade there is a small plaque with the following: “To Claude Debussy for The Puerta del Vino” remembering the composition by the French musical genius in one of his Preludes for piano: “La Puerta del Vino”. Gate of wine - Debussy by Jebulon

Inside we can see the framework on the wooden doors and the benches for the guards to rest.

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