Tapas in Granada

Tapas are an essential part of the granadian cuisine which forms part of Andalusia. All those who enjoy this city find themselves wrapped up and spellbound by the sheer pleasure in this way of eating.

This old custom has survived for years and has been able to accomodate and incorporate the evolution of the new Granada cuisine, one of the richest of Andalusia, thanks to its big variety of products: coming from the sea, from land & mountain, all of them, essential ingredients in the spanish cuisine, like olive oil…& tasted with magnificent wines.

“Tapeo” is going from bar to bar eating tapas. It is one of the best ways to know Granada. Trying out the specialities, exploring the streets, discovering the monuments and, of course, the excellent food. It´s much more than having a beer, it is an art, it is something very close to the granadian way of life. Not getting to know what “Tapeo”means is to miss out the spirits of the people & their traditions.

The best areas in the city to enjoy tapas are Calle Navas, Bibrambla, Calle Elvira, Albayzin, Campo del Príncipe, San Matías or Alhamar. We offer you a selection of bars and restaurants where you can take some tapas, but remember you also can come with us in our Granada Tapas Tour, to enjoy the legends and gastronomy from Granada with our professional guide.

“Tapear” is to taste the city and become granadian for a few moments. Going to the bar, ordering a beer or a glass of local wine and getting ready for the first surprising tasting: scrambled eggs with ham, croquettes, fried aubergines or some fried fish, never forgetting the local ham or some spoonfuls of special dishes and many more things to discover in every bar of our city.

Delight one of our jewels!


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