Crafts, antiquity and gourmet shops in Granada

Granada has developed many handcrafts for centuries. In fact, many of our handcrafts still are the same as in the medieval muslim period of Al- Andalus.

You can acquire the popular pottery called Fajalauza, with the white, blue and green decorations, included the famous pomme grenate, symbol and image of the city of Granada.

But as well some forniture made in the traditional woodcrafts called Taracea, boxes & different smaller items to decorate your house.

Traditional Lamps, made of Glass that remind us all to the geometrical tiling of the Alhambra. Traditional Embroideries & the very elegant “Mantones” are other items that you can acquire in Granada. Guitar makers are still highly respected in Granada due to the development of Flamenco music in our city. We also don´t forget the very important silversmiths in Granada, famous & very recognized.
Some shops in Granada offer all these traditional handcrafts in small exhibitions

Crafts and Antiques in Granada

We offer you a list of some of the greatest craft shops in the city of Granada, in the Alcaicería, the surroundings of the Alhambra, the Albaicin or other areas of Granada. Ceramics, custom designs, shops with products from archaeological excavations.... all products based in original work, careful designed and with high quality. Albaicín Zahara...

Gourmet shops in Granada

Granada is famous for its good gastronomy, which you can enjoy while being with us. Some shops also offer you all the traditional gourmet products, so that you still can be enjoying the food back at home. Products from Granada and Andalusia Granada enjoys some shops offering gourmet products produced in Granada, you can taste...

Workshops and typical products from Granada

We propose you different and original shops that offer the best artisanal productsmanufactured in Granada: Fajalauza pottery, books from Granada, guitars, embroidery and "mantones", silverware, lamps from Granada, or workshops where they make and sell the best "taracea", Arabic calligraphy or leather workers. Embroidery Cándido Puerto C/ Salamanca 13 Tel: 958254995 Arabiz Calligraphy Zouhair Salam...
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