Ilustración Federico García Lorca

Lorca’s youth in Valderrubio

Discovering the essence of Lorca's youth in Valderrubio, exploring the origins and inspiration that shaped the poet in the serene Vega of Granada.

Valderrubio and the Vega of Granada bear witness to and play a part in Federico García Lorca’s adolescence. There, he learned to observe life and preserve the traditions of the villages, transforming them into universal themes. Participants delve into the heart of early 20th-century rural life, understanding its customs and discovering how they shaped the poet’s genius amidst a marvelous landscape.

They visit the places that inspired him and led him to write the most popular rural dramas in contemporary culture, exploring the origins of “Blood Wedding” and the possible existence of the passionate lovers who defied their fate.

Participants enjoy the museum-house of his adolescence and youth, the place that inspired the play “The House of Bernarda Alba,” and stroll through the favorite corners where the young Federico wrote on summer afternoons.

Our guides, experts and enthusiasts of his figure, the history, and the city that saw him grow, accompany the participants through the beautiful corners of the Vega of Granada, revealing how its secrets marked the poet’s life.

What to consider

Half a day excursion.

Spanish, English and French.

House-museum of Lorca in Valderrubio, house of Frasquita Alba, acequia del pueblo, fuente de los lagartos, fuente de la Teja, (Pinos Puente) puente de hierro ”la Trampilla”, Mariana Pineda park.
Depending on the time of year the Fuente de la Teja may be inaccessible due to the Cubillas River overflowing in some rainy seasons.

Around 3 hours.

What’s included
Guided tour.
Option to include transportation: approximately 20-kilometer routes.

Adaptable to the group’s needs.

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