Granada guided tour for students

This educational tour of Granada for students turns Granada into an educational resource for learning about the natural, artistic, historical value, as well as the heritage, of the city of Granada. The educational tour has been programmed in such a way that it can be integrated into the school curriculum for secondary school students, between the ages of 12 and 18.
The route goes around the urban structure of the Albayzín, Sacromonte and the centre of Granada, with almost the whole route being pedestrian. It lasts approximately 2 hours long and the degree of difficulty for the routes is mid-low.
Educational Itineraries
We offer four itineraries that have already been designed with educational criteria in mind so the group can adhere to it in the way that best adapts to their educational needs. Of course, there’s also the option of proposing your own personalised itinerary:
– Guided tour of Granada: historic centre and the Albayzín
We walk around the historic centre closest to the Catedral (cathedral) area, the core that underwent the most change in urban planning after the reconquista. We emphasise the Catedral, Capilla Real, Lonja de Mercaderes, Madraza and Real Chancillería. Additionally, as the best representation of Muslim Granada before the Christian take over, we choose the lower part of the Albayzín neighbourhood and Carrera del Darro. Between these two areas, Gran Vía reflects the art nouveau changes which occurred in the 19th century.
– Albayzín, Arabic neighbourhood
We show the aspects which best represent this old Arabic neighbourhood today: stretches of the defensive wall, cisterns, traditional gardened houses and homes, the urban framework, small intimate squares, impressive landscapes, parish churches, panoramic views of the Alhambra, etc. Furthermore, the most important events in its history take place and demonstrate its cultural values: characteristic of Muslim cities, the importance of the mosques, businesses and the crafts, the traditions and way of life of the inhabitants, the water system… we’ll also speak about the Kingdom of Granada the Reconquista, the Moriscos, etc.
– Albayzín and Sacromonte (Gypsy neighbourhood)
In addition to visiting the Albayzín neighbourhood, we delve into its narrow and labyrinthine streets attempting to get to its heart, we’ll get to know Sacromonte, the neighbourhood where the gypsies settled when they first accompanied the Catholic Kings to conquer the city. Sacromonte is famous for its caves where the gypsies continue celebrating their flamenco singing and dance festivities, the traditional zambras, which can still be enjoyed nightly.

– Catedral and Capilla Real (without tickets)
We do the tour of the interior of both to learn about the architectural differences both monuments present: clearly identifiable as being in the Gothic and Renaissance styles. We talk about why each building was constructed in that particular location, the political and ideological reasons which determined its symbolism and the change in mentality which was forged in a city, which until a short time before, had been completely Muslim. We’ll learn about the creators, both in the political and artistic sense for them, we’ll analyse its iconographic programmes and the most important artistic elements.
NOTE: This guided itinerary includes inside both the Catedral and the Capilla Real. Teachers can request special prices for their school group by calling the following numbers:
Catedral: 958222959
Capilla Real: 958229239

– Personalised itinerary
To be proposed by the teaching staff.

Goals for the educational tour of Granada
– Bring students closer to the reality of the different cultures that live or lived there.
– Foster respect, social harmony, and participation, as well as the ability to observe and listen in the environment.
– Enhance the ability to enjoy the tour, using all five senses as the tour goes.
– Learn the specific basic vocabulary.
– Recognise the transformations over the course of history and the changes in usage and purpose of the various areas.
– Understand the need and usefulness of conserving the natural and historic environment.
– Foster respect, social harmony and participation.
– Foster the ability to observe and listen in the natural environment.
– Draw attention to the ability to enjoy all aspects of Granada’s urban environment.


Around 2 hours


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For important reasons of legality and quality of service, the maximum size of each group will be 35 people, including students and teachers. Groups of more than 35 participants will be divided into as many groups as maximum 35 participants as necessary up to 3 groups.
For this modality of school groups, the maximum number of participants is 104, including students and teachers.

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