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Granada is a unique city which offers its very special streets to all the visitors who wish to marvel their senses and wear their soles away. At Cicerone we also specialize in guided tours for large groups and we would like to help you make the most of your experience in Granada, we have different options ready, so you can savor your experience in Granada.

For smaller groups, check our prices for private tours.

Must-see, historic Granada

Must-see, historic Granada

During this guided tour around Granada, we invite you to appreciate our beautiful city in a unique way, a city that has been through big transformations since its stunning Al-Andalus period, up until today.

Our CICERONES will take you on an unforgettable tour around the historic centre and the most charming areas in the Albaicin. Be overwhelmed by Granada’s transformation from Islam to Christianity and the change from being a medieval Islamic city to a modern Christian city.

Would you like to feel the history of Granada?

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Sentir la magia del Albaicín y el Sacromonte gitano

Feel the magic of the Albaicin and gypsy Sacromonte.

We invite you to dream in the magical city of Granada. Wander around the Albaicin, Granada’s Moorish area World Cultural Heritage, with plenty of charming spots and stunning viewpoints overlooking the Alhambra and the Sacromonte. You’ll also be able to experience the popular gypsy neighbourhood lined of caves. The views of the city and the Alhambra and its special cave culture will entrap you in an environment pure bliss for the senses.

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Descubrir los interiores de la Catedral y la Capilla Real de Granada

Discover the interior of the Granada Cathedral and Royal Chapel

The two styles of these architectural and cultural gems in Granada, Gothic and Renaissance, will be the ideal framework to take you back to a key moment in Granada’s history. We’ll open the door to an era of great times in the city: two very different moments.

Our CICERONES will help you to understand the symbolic keys in the majestic Granada Cathedral and why they are located there. You’ll also be enthralled by its artwork.

In the Royal Chapel you’ll be impressed by the solemnity of the characters that lie within it, contemplating the pure, white Carrara marble which was used to create the mausoleums of the Catholic Monarchs and their daughter Juana la Loca with her husband Felipe el Hermoso.

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Descubrir a Lorca y sus lugares en Granada

Discover Lorca and his places in Granada

Our Federico García Lorca, Andalusian poet and playwright internationally recognised for his work, is the best-known and most-translated Spaniard in the world today. We’ll accompany you on a journey back in time focusing on the figure of the poet: you’ll get to know the streets he wandered along at the beginning of the 20th century, the people he lived and grew up with, his family, friends and fantastic creative work.

The tour is a recognition of the poet and the city in which he lived and that inspired his literary work. Surprisingly, although Granada has changed significantly, everything remains the same: the places, Granadian traditions, our nature and the essence of the city itself.

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Lorca y Falla: poesía y música en la Alhambra

Lorca and Falla: poetry and music in the Alhambra

Music and poetry are main themes in this journey through the history of two great geniuses: Lorca and Falla. We’ll tell you about their great friendship, despite the age difference, and how they managed to create a place for flamenco music in our history.

We’ll take you to explore all the places inside and outside the Alhambra that bore witness to their creative abilities. We’ll also visit the interior of the Manuel de Falla Museum, one of the most interesting museums in Granada.

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Los misterios de Granada

Granada’s mysteries

A wander around the dark, shady side of Granada where unimaginable things happened. You’ll hear about stories relating to crime which have been imprinted in the memory of different buildings across the city, about supernatural occurrences, the inquisition, witch-hunts, terrible crimes…

You won’t be able to look at the city in the same way again.

Do you dare?

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Despertar en Granada, andar antes de empezar el día.

Wake up in Granada and get walking before the day starts

We suggest an easy-going, early morning activity before breakfast and a day at work in Granada: a cultural tour which guarantees at least 5500 steps (approx. 3.5km) before starting work.

Enhance your knowledge of Granada and get some exercise suitable for everyone, before heading off to your daily activities. This will wake up your mind and improve your concentration. It will also help you to be more efficient and finally, release stress, improve flexibility and speed up your metabolism.

This tour will help you be prepared for a productive day, full of energy and enthusiasm.

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