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Cicerone Granada focuses on spreading Granada cultural and monumental wealth both to Grenadians and visitors. Media are aware of our efforts so they have published a number of features and interviews about them. Even some of these articles and interviews have reached national and international media. You can see the most important ones here.



The Australian journalist Eithne Nightingale recommends Cicerone in a piece about the best ways of walking through the main cities in Europe

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The all Blacks, the Rugby National Team from New Zealand, walk with Cicerone through the Alhambra and they dance the Haka in the Patio de Los Leones

The players took the opportunity to perform the traditional mauri war dance at the site’s famous Patio de Los Leones palace.

New Zealand legends Hosea Gear, Anthony Tuitavake, Stuart Doig and Brad Linklater formed the visiting delegation.

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Neven Maguire visits Granada and RTVE shows it

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Lorca’s Granada: Following in the Footsteps of Spain’s Murdered Poet

The Independent, August 19, 2016

“It’s 80 years since Spain’s favourite poet was executed by firing squad. We set out to discover his hometown of Granada through his eyes. I was in a hurry: I had an appointment with Maria Angustias García-Valdecasas, a senior guide with Cicerone, a tour company offering Lorca-themed walking tours. We had arranged to meet outside the Centro Federico García Lorca, a new museum from the Federico García Lorca Foundation, directly opposite the cathedral.”

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‘A Single girl’s guide to food and drink travel’ by Nanci J. Saper

Octuber 23, 2015

“Maria A. Valdecasas, Owner of Cicerone Granada, talks Spain! Cicerone Granada has amazing, first rate guides.”

You can listen this podcast in her tumblr.


Michel Cruz. Blog, news and information.

Wabas 2014 in Granada. November 17, 2014

“After two full days of work the weekend’s highlight was a night time guided visit with Cicerone to the Alhambra Tours

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Scribbler in Seville: ‘A meeting of minds and Moorish magnificence by moonlight’ by Fiona Flores Watson.

November 14, 2014

“I was delighted that we were taken around the Alhambra by an excellent guide, Maria Angustias from Cicerone Tours.”

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Spain Buddy: ‘A weekend in Granada’ by Alan Gandy

November 12, 2014

“On the touristy front most of the participants did go on an evening guided tour of the Alhambra, by Cicerone”

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Piccavey. Visit the Alhambra Palace in Granada – Insider Tips

November 9, 2014

“If you would like a guide to accompany your visit Cicerone Granada have guides with several languages and can tailor your Alhambra visit to your exact requirements.”

‘Granada shabbat, 500 years on’

THE JEWISH CHRONICLE. February 6, 2014

The former medieval Jewish quarter of Realejo in Granada, Spain, hosted its first Shabbat service for 500 years last month. It took place in the city’s Jewish Museum, opened last April by French citizen Beatrice Chevalier Sola in her grandmother’s former home. The Jewish were on a guided tour, leaded by local company CICERONE, searching for their roots on a theme trip.


ACP Rail Blog: Granada’s Mystical Alhambra

June, 2013

“Day 2 in Granada. With a busy day in Granada ahead, we met up our guide Maria (Maria Angustias), a lovely and very informative lady who gives walking tours around Granada. Our tour began in the Moorish Quarter, where we walked through narrow streets and town squares busy with locals, while learning all about Granada’s history and how the so to speak paceful conquest of 1492 is waht perserved much of the Islamic architecture (…) Thanks to our partners for making this visit to Granada possible: Air Canada Vacations, Hotel Abba Granada, CICERONE Granada Walking Tours…”

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Sur les traces de García Lorca: Visite guidée


“De retour à Grenade oú sa famille avait déménagé pour ses études, María Angustias Valdecasas, guide spécialiste de Lorca, vous mènera sur les traces du poète. La guide peut même vous conduire dans une de ces grottes où les amateurs viennent entendre du “cante jondo”. On peut y recontrer Curro Albaicín, un grand interprète des poèmes de Lorca”.

“Il jouait très bien du piano et son professeur avait recommandé à son père que Federico monte à Paris pour parfaire son apprentissage, mais son père a refusè, explique María. Il s’est alors destiné à la littérature… María montre la maison de ses amis Rosales (angle Angulo et Tablas) où il a été arrêté en juillet 1936 et la Bâtisse du gouvernement civil où il a été détenu avant d’être envoyé à Vízanar”.


Goûter L’andalousie.


“C’est au coeur de la belle cité de Grenade que le gastronome qui ne sommeille jamais très longtemps en moi est entré en appétit autant avec la culture andalouse qu’aveq sa bonne chère. Il était midi passé. Ma guide, María angustias, m’a conduit au Chokito, à l’ombre d’un platane centenaire, sur la Plaza del Campillo”.


“Il reste encore bien des traces de cette époque à Grenade: les rues sinueuses de l’authentique quartier arabe d’Albayzín où les maisons blanches font penser à une médina marocaine; ey le Bañuelo, ces bains arabes du XIesiècle dont la construction a été financée par… un vizir juif”.

”Le pic de la splenderur de cet art est arrivé après 1400, car il s’agissait d’une période de paix et de grand essor artistique, affirme María Valdecasas. Les relations entre chrétiens, juifs et musulmans étaient très amis.”

Arte TV (FR-DE)


You can see the full documentary in this link: Magische Orte. Granada. Zauber aus 1001 Nacht



Granada: La nostra guida.

March/April:Tales of the city


“CICERONE is one of the few official tour companies endorsed by the Junta de Andalucia offering a guided “walktour” into the heart of Granada. Meeting daily by the Townhall at Plaza del Carmen…. Where 2 met up with Rosa Terrones to experience the tour. Whilst her official role is a tour guide, she is more of a storyteller, walking through the centuries as well as the city, as you let your imagination stretch back to when rivers and bridges once criss- crossed the now busy streets, reliving Granada’s rich and chequered past. […] The tour offers snippets of information, facts and details that you won´t neccessarily find elsewhere…Rosa´s enthusiasm and passion for the rich history of the city is contagious as she talks and pinpoints Granada´s most significant buildings.What works in this tour is that it gives you something that you just can´t get from a guidebook: the snippets of information and the storytelling experience.”