Granada Guided Visit for School Groups

Visit to Granada for groups of students

Visita escolares a Granada

This educational visit to Granada for students makes Granada a pedagogical resource to learn the natural, artistic, historical and patrimonial value of the city of Granada. The pedagogical visit has been programmed so that it can be integrated in the secondary school curriculum, between 12 and 18 years old.

The walks run through the urban Albayzin neighborhood, the Sacromonte and the center of Granada almost all the way is pedestrian. Its duration is approximately 2 hours and the degree of difficulty of the rides is medium-low.

Pedagogical itineraries

We offer you four itineraries already designed with pedagogical criteria so that the group can take advantage from the one that best suits its educational needs. Of course, there is also an option of proposing your own personalized itinerary:

– Guided visit to Granada: historic center and Albaicín
We stroll through the historic center closest to the Cathedral complex, actual downtown, which was transformed after the conquest. We highlight the Cathedral, Royal Chapel, Merchant’s Market, Madrasa and Royal Chancery. In addition, as the best representation of Muslim Granada before the conquest, we chose the lower area of ​​the Albayzn and Carrera del Darro. Between both zones, the Gran Via, mirror of the modernist changes of 19th century XIX.

– Albayzin Arab Quarter
We show the elements that best identify the old Arab neighborhood today: sections of defensive walls, cisterns, landscaped carmenes and traditional houses, urban scheme, small and intimate squares, breathtaking landscapes, parochial churches, panoramic views of the Alhambra, etc. In addition, the most important events of its history are developed, showing its cultural values: characteristics of the Muslim city, the importance of mosques, trade and crafts, traditions and ways of life of its inhabitants, the hydraulic system … We will also talk about the Kingdom of Granada, the Conquest, the Moors, etc.

– Albayzin and Sacromonte (gipsy neighborhood)
In addition to the Albayzin neighbourhood visit, getting into its narrow and labyrinthine streets trying to introduce us to its heart, we will know the neighborhood of Sacromonte, where the gypsies who accompanied the troops of the Catholic Monarchs settled when they conquered the city. The Sacromonte is famous for its caves, where gypsies continue to celebrate their flamenco festivals of singing and dancing, the traditional zambras, which are still enjoyed every night.

– Cathedral and Royal Chapel (without entrances)
We visit the interiors of both monuments to know their architectural differences: clearly identifiable Gothic and Renaissance style. We talk about the location chosen for both constructions, the political and ideological reasons that determined its symbolism and the change of mentality that was being forged in a city which had been totally Muslim. We will meet the political and artistic creators of that time, analyze their iconographic programs and the most important artistic elements.

ATTENTION: This guided tour includes the interiors of the Cathedral and Royal Chapel. Teachers can request special prices for the school group at the following telephone numbers:
Cathedral: +34 958222959
Royal Chapel: +34 958229239

– Customized Itinerary
Teaching team propose it.

Objectives of the pedagogical visit to Granada

  • Bring the student closer to the reality of the different cultures that coexist and live in their environment.
  • Encourage respect, coexistence and participation, as well as the ability to observe and listen in the environment.
  • Enhance the ability to enjoy with all the senses in the environment in which the visit takes place.
  • Recognize the transformations throughout the history and the changes of use and function of the different spaces.
  • Understand the necessity and usefulness of the natural and historical environment conservation.
  • Encourage respect, coexistence and participation.
  • Encourage the ability to observe and listen in the natural environment.
  • Highlight the ability to enjoy with all the senses in the urban environment of Granada.

Duration of guided tours

Approximately 2 hours.

Meeting Point

Plaza del Carmen, in front of the ity Hall


English or Spanish


hasta 351130,00 €
35-3924,50 € p.p.
40-4924,00 € p.p.
50-6923,50 € p.p.
70-7933,25 € p.p.
80-10433,00 € p.p.

Cancellation policy

We accept cancellations in our guided tour without cost until 72:00 hours (3 days) before the date of service. After that time, you must pay the full price of the visit.
Requests for cancellation or modification must be made through a message from the booking page

More information

For important reasons of legality and quality of service, the maximum size of each group is 35 people, including students and teachers. Groups of more than 35 participants will be divided into so many groups as necessary, each one of maximum 35 participants up to 3 groups.

For this modality of school groups, the maximum number of participants is 104, including students and teachers.

Inquiries and reservations can be made writing to:

We accept cancellations without cost in your guided tour until 72:00 hours (3 days) before the date of service. After that time, you must pay the full price of the visit.

Transport not included

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