Guests’ Book 2015

February 2015

Really good walking tour of Granada and Albaicin. It is easy to get lost in the Albaicin area, so I definitely recommend this guided tour. She was very knowledgeable and pointed out a lot of areas that we would have overlooked or missed. She took us to all the highlights. We also purchased tickets to a flamenco show and the hammam spa from this tour group agency after the tour. Because we did this walking tour we got a huge discount on everything else we booked. So, overall I’d say this tour is worth it 🙂 Viator. Regina W.

Our first experience with hiring a tour guide which turned out to be a wonderful experience. Stephanie was friendly, knowledgeable and patient as we did not feel rushed through our 2 1/2 hour tour. There was time to take photos and she took some for us too. She took us to some interesting areas and shared historical facts and anecdotes that we hadn’t heard about elsewhere. Make sure you wear comfy shoes with thick soles due to small cobblestoned sidewalks and roads which can have quite an incline especially in the Albayzin neighbourhood. Not sure of maximum size of tour group, but minimum is 2 persons which was size of our “group” – perfect! Tripadvisor. Diane C.February

March 2015

There were only two of us joining the tour, so it was like a private tour. Stephanie, our guide was excellent- very knowledgable and enthusiastic. Would highly recommend this tour. Viator. Margaret

Stephanie was charming, patient but best of all very knowledgeable. She obviously has a wide knowledge of history since she was able to discuss issues which have little to do with Granada, e.g. the attitude of henry VIII to the vatican and how it compared with that of the spanish king charles and the intricacies of the relationship between islam and christianity today. she spared no effort to allow us all the time we need and to answer any questions. All in all she gave us a great insight into granada and its place in spanish and world history. i would recommend this tour , and especially stephanie, very highly. the woman in the kiosk was also most helpful and pleasant. Tripadvisor. RobertI.

Having a guided tour of the Al Hambra was the best way to experience and best understand the complexities of history Granada. Our guide Sophia was excellent! She was knowledgable , passionate about history and explained complex issues in a very understandable manner . At the same time she had the depth of knowledge to dig down f requested. Tripadvisor. Shanali092

The walking tours were also successful and both guides very informative, it was really useful to be able to identify areas that we went onto to look at in more detail. LemonValley Holidays. Moya Cozens.

This walking tour was a Rick Steve’s recommendation and an excellent one at that. Our guide, Carmen was excellent. She walked us through different neighbourhoods and attractions explaining the history. She took us to the outside of the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel explaining the architectural and historical significance. We visited inside on our own later. She also took us to the Albayzin neighbourhood where we felt we could not get lost with a guide. She was very knowledgeable about the history of this city and spoke English very well. We thought this was a marvelous way to get an introduction to the city. I would highly recommend this tour company. Tripadvisor. Lizzypumpkin

April 2015

Very informative and interesting walking tour through main attractions of Granada and a great way to acclimate yourself to the city and more in depth site seeing . The guide was helpful in giving restaurant suggestions as well. Tripadvisor. Nenehumphrey.

This walking tour took approximately 2 ½ hours, taking in a bunch of sights around Albayzin and Granada’s city centre. Our guide was Sophia. She was great; a really knowledgeable and friendly guide. Our tour cost €15 per person. There were a number of operators touting ‘free’ walking tours around Plaza del Carmen. I’d recommend the Cicerone outfit. Tripadvisor. JJMTA.

We chose to do the Granada and Albaicin Walking Tour our first morning in Granada to become more familiar with the sites and things we wanted to do in depth. A perfect choice! Our guide, Sophie, did a wonderful job explaining the history and sights of this amazing city. We had just the right amount of time in each spot and were shown and taught about the Muslim and Christian influences throughout the tour. A great way to start your visit! Tripadvisor. MABOC.

Took the 2.5-hour city walk with Cicerone. Our guide, Beatriz, was excellent. Her knowledge of the area and history were quite impressive, as was her command of English. The tour covered the historical city center and Albayzin neighborhood with a good visit to and overview of an Arab bath. The tour started in the centrally-located Plaza de Bib-Rambla. They offer daily morning tours and conveniently accept credit card payment online. Tripadvisor. Pam T.

Our guide was a local and her English was solid. The tour was solid – what you expect – and helped us to orient ourselves to the town. Tripadvisor. Cara f

May 2015

It is a great tour about Granada and its history. It gives you ideas about the city other than the main attraction Alhambra. I recommend this tour for the first day of your visit at Granada. Viator. Meisam

We had a tour with Juan who was such an engaging and excellent guide. He was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I can’t praise this tour highly enough. Tripadvisor. Lizrunciman

Juan was a great tour guide. We enjoyed his comments and insight. We wandered around the streets and entered sites of interest. Tripadvisor. Sandy G.

Juan has a good sense of humour. We very much enjoyed our informative walk through the city. We would highly recommend this tour Tripadvisor. Wrl2015.

Une visite très agréable avec des anecdotes qui permet d’avoir un aperçu de l’histoire de Grenade pour comprendre cette ville fantastique. Nous sommes passés au travers de rues et devant des monuments de la ville revivant leur histoire grâce aux anecdotes et récits de notre guide. Tripadvisor. Severinec

This tour was really good! A professional and friendly tour guide and interesting places created a nice sightseeing day….Viator. Christian P.

My husband and I took a tour with Cicerone while visiting Granada in March 2015. The tour took us into a few places we would have missed otherwise and bypassed a few things we’d already seen, so it was perfect. I recommend this as a way to get an historical overview of the city. We did a morning tour. Tripadvisor. Jennyp99.

June 2015

Carmen was a fabulous tour guide. She explained the history etc extremely well and with great humour. A thoroughly brilliant tour and introduction to the fabulous city of Granada. Viator. Celia N.

Excellent walking tour of Granada. Small group. Nabil, our guide spoke excellent English and was very personable and fun. I can’t remember the name of the other guide who was in the booth, but he was equally excellent. He even helped us get our train tickets to Ronda – printed them for us and everything. I would definitely recommend this tour. Tripadvisor. Pamela Y.

Thank you to Nabil, our walking tour of Granada on 5th May was excellent! We would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Granada. Viator. Sheila H

The walking tours in Granada were excellent. Lemon Valley Holidays. Linda Caller

Guide was very friendly informative and we saw things we never would have seen on our own. Viator.Gemma W.

My wife and I did a two hour walking tour of the old city and the Albayzin with Nabil. We enjoyed it a lot. Nabil was a great guide — friendly, warm and well-informed. His English is great. It’s a great tour if you like to walk (as we do) and having a guide is very nice. Tripadvisor. William W

Very informative. The tour guide was very interesting and we enjoyed the small size of the group, only six. The pace was just right, neither too fast nor too slow. Getyourguide. BettyAnn

I took the tour which starts at Plaza Bib-Rambla and goes through the nooks and crannies of the Albaicin for about two hours. We visited a number of spots that I wouldn’t otherwise have known. The guide was friendly, knowledgeable and spoke excellent English. Learned about history and other trivia. Tripadvisor. Hartfan

July 2015

Very informative walking tour in good English which kept everyone involved. We had a really good first day orientation which helped sort out what we wanted to spend more time on later. best to do on the first day. Tripadvisor. Londonwelshboyo

Friendly guide and small group. Sophie, our guide, was knowledgeable and took us to several spots we would have missed on our own. Tripadvisor. Ludo2.

August 2015

Der Guide konnte uns gute Einblicke in die geschichtliche Entwicklung der Stadr geben. Getyourguide. Wien

This was a great way to see the city and the Alhambra at night! We really enjoyed the tour and our guide was very knowledgable and tailored the tour to what the group wanted to see. The group was small so it felt like going out with friends! Viator. Esther A.

The guides for the walking tours in Seville and Granada were fantastic. We had a wonderful experience in Andalusia. Thank you. Lemon Valley Holidays. Russel Weeds.

September 2015

Now that we are back home, we are recalling with such gratitude a profoundly interesting walking tour with Carmen. Thank you, Cicerone Tours for your professional guide! We walked the sunlit streets of Granada on Sept. 17th, 2015 with Carmen listening to her lecture on the rich history of the city. Carmen brought us to the places we would never have got without her help. We enjoyed her knowledge and humour. Carmen has fantastic skills to present you the ancient city in all its glory. We learned, and learned, Tripadvisor. Helen V.

All of our guides were excellent — very knowledgeable, personable and easy to understand.  Thanks again! We certainly will recommend your services to our friends. Lemon Valley Holidays. Gail Allyn.

Wonderful. Our tour guide was excellent. Recommended. Viator. CGP

The guide was very pleasant and well imformed. Getyourguide. Bina.

October 2015

It is great to work with associates like you, our guests are really happy with the guide and the trip. Email. Tranquiltrip.

Our night tour with Sofia was pleasant and very informative. We spent two hours exploring the Albaicin and Sacromonte areas during the evening and two hours the  next day with Nabib learning all about the history and archeology of Granada. This way we saw things we would never have been able to find on our own. Both guides were excellent. Tripadvisor. Renedijkstra

A wonderful experience!. Our guide and experience were wonderful. The skip the line access was a great benefit. Getyourguide. David.

My guide was enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and passionate about Granada. She allowed for questions as we went along on our route and allowed plenty of time for those wishing to take photos. Tripadvisor. Terrencew919

Wonderful site. Guide arrived on time and spoke very easy to understand English. Knowledgeable and informative guide. Very well timed commentary. Getyourguide. Kathleen

Very pleasant and interesting guided tour. Enjoyed the guided tour very much. The Guide was very nice. Getyourguide. Annie

I was in Granada in my own for a conference and didn’t have a strong feeling as to where to go and how safe it was. I booked myself on this tour just to get a feeling for the town and it was well worth it. I learned so much more than I would have on my own, and I got a taste of where I wanted to go back to and for the history of the township. Tripadvsor. Mgporoho.

We did this walking tour on our first day and we’re glad that we did. It enabled us to get a grip on the layout of Granada and we went to many back streets that we probably wouldn’t have found. the guide was very engaging and informative. Highly recommend this tour. Getyourguide. Linda

On time, courteous, professional, and a good value. Would recommend to others. Tripadvisor. Michael22164.

Our guide could not have been better; was exactly what we could have hoped for. Not only did she tell us all we needed to know about the Alhambra and its palaces at the right level of detail, but when we asked many questions she knew the whole of the context in which it was built; trade, politics, European history, details of Islamic and Christian cultures; whatever we asked she could give us a good reply. On top of that, our visit was at the end of a busy enjoyable week in Granada, and she took everything at right pace for our old legs. It could not have been a better experience of this astounding place. Also, because of the way the tickets are rationed out there is always initially a degree of uncertaintity about the timing of the visit, we had very limited times it would work in our schedule. The communication with the booking office was very good, they managed my considerable anxiety about the timing in a friendly way that gave me confidence that it would work out well and it did! Getyourguide. Michael.

We enjoyed our Cicerone tour of Granada! Our guide, Carmen, was lovely, entertaining, knew her history and spoke English very well. The length of the tour was just right for us. I enjoyed learning more about the city of Granada and it’s history, and just being guided through it. Tripadvisor. Pitofacherry

Very informative and interesting. Bring good walking shoes, as Granada is quite hilly and cobblestones can be hard to navigate. Tripadvisor. Christif. October 2015.

A great introduction to Granada promoting further independent exploration. A small group was an asset and the guide was very amiable,enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Good value. Tripadvisor. GHE 10855.

My husband and I took a personal tour of the Alhambra in September. The tour guide was prompt, personable and knowledgeable. We enjoyed the tour very much. Given the hordes of daily visitors and large tour groups to the Alhambra, we felt the price of a private guide was well worth it. I would heartily recommend this company for an Alhambra tour. Tripadvisor. Q6687I.

We made a last minute booking. The many helpful emails they sent were exactly what we needed to reduce our anxiety over the online booking and the unavoidable initial uncertaintity of the tour time. They could not have communicated better. Similarly, we could not have had a better guide. She delivered the information at the level of detail we hoped for. She answered a thousand questions about European History, Art, Romans, Trade, Christian and Islamic culture, the whole of the context of the Alhambra; anything we asked she had an interesting answer. Our guide was most considerate and went at the ideal speed for us. We could not have hoped for a more charming, considerate and well informed guide. It was good value. Tripadvisor. Mike H. 390.

November 2015

Awesome walkingtour!. My friend and I went on this tour the second day of our weekend in Granada and we wish we had done it our first day!. Our local guide Sofia took us all around the city, filling the walk with historical points  and fun anecdotes about the Albazin’s interesting background and even how the Alhambra got its name. She took us to places we didn’t explore our first day in the city, and we thought we had gone everywhere! Definitely a must for history buffs and those who like to hear the stories behind a city! Trip4real Nina B.

I turn to walking tours to give me my first impression of a new city, and when the tours are led by locals, that first impression is a lot stronger since it,s coming from the actual heart of the city. Our local tour guide in Granada was passionate about the city and really knew her stuff based on how well informed she was and her ability to answer our questions thoroughly. She was fun and knowledgeable. Trip4real Jane

Sofia, we had a wonderful visit to the Alhambra with you, made memorable by your guiding. You made all the fabulous history of the place so interesting without overloading us with information. Thank you very much for that. All the best for your future. Email Sue Drury.

Wonderful tour. Our guide was extremely knowledable. Getyourguide. Anthony.

December 2015

Thank you Maria for a wonderful introduction to Granada. Handwritten.

The private tour is the perfect way to see the Alhambra. Juan is extremely knowledgeable, and friendly, so it felt more like a meeting between friends with a common passion. Thank you! Getyourguide

We had a wonderful tour. Our guide was wonderful! Getyourguide. Chevy