Guests’ Book 2014

January 2014

The tour and the guide Sofia were very good. She told us nice old story’s about the city Granada. Next time again. Thanks. Mario L., Viator

February 2014

Granada Walking Tour including Albaycin. This was an excellent tour with Sofia, who is a Granada native. We were fortunate to have her to ourselves (February!). In contrast to other tours we had been on in Seville, this tour covered not just “local colour” but serious discussion and explanation of the city’s multiple cultures, and the tensions and difficulties of the transition from Islamic to Christian rule. The walk through the lower Albaycin area provided many examples of typical buildings (some we entered) and how they developed in the context of the city’s development and change. Pheymont, Tripadvisor.

March 2014

I recommend it to a few people at time. Because I guide you generally, I am recommended. But you must go with an individual later because you don’t have time to do shopping. I think that there wasn’t satisfaction in what I have approximately watched when it is guided because I arrived at the city early. If there is a map, it can turn around alone. If there are two hours because it is small, I am enough. The English of the guide was a person good clearly. The meeting place is easy to find, too. I am recommended for the person who is running out of time, but the one where there is time thinks that I can go without the guide. Chihaya Kawashima, Veltra.

April 2014

Our guide Stephanie was excellent. She has a lovely personality, is well informed, and can answer any questions we asked her. She also shows a real interest in the people in her group. The walking tour and the sites to be seen were excellent. We are a mature couple and on steeper parts were slow. Stephanie coped well with this. Ann Crock, Mi Reserva Online.

Fantastic tour in Albaycin and Old Town of Granada. We had a happy experience walking in Granada with our friendly guide María. We learnt a lot about the history of the city, mainly the Albaycin and Old Town of Granada. The guide was knowledgeable, pedagogic and charismatic. We definitely want to go back to the city, and I would highly recommend this tour. Iris F, Tripadvisor.

An excellent guide in Granada! I’ve just returned from a trip to Granada and I want to recommend our guide in Cicerone, Cultura y Ocio S.L. His name is Juan and he guided us through the most interesting spots in this beautiful city. Since the guiding tour was in Spanish I’ll leave a message in Spanish to him and his team at Cicerone: ¡Muchas gracias Juan! ¡Has sido un guia estupendo! ¡Has explicado todo de forma muy amena y todo lo que has contado me ha parecido superinteresante! ¡¡Te doy un 10!! Lorena C, Tripadvisor

Very informative tour at the Alhambra. Staff was responsive and nice both online and in person. Our guide Antonio was knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. I’m glad that I was with the tour at Alhambra since it was informative and I was shown with many details that I would have missed if visiting on my own. Ching 1017, Tripadvisor

Fabulous in every way! Carmen was our tour guide and she was absolutely fantastic. So informative and interesting throughout. As others have said, this is the PERFECT way to be introduced to Granada. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it back, but it will always be a special place in memory – partially due to this tour. Russell B, Viator

This was a great walking tour. The tour guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and interesting. It wasn’t a very strenuous walk and the sights were very pretty. Lots of historical information! I would definitely recommend this tour. Ashley H, Viator.

Good walk in Granada. I highly recommend the Cicerone walking tour of the historical city center and Albayzin. Our guide Juan was excellent. This tour takes you both an overview of key sites as well as an historical perspective that will enhance your visit to Granada. Well worth the time, effort, and money. Be prepared to do a bit of walking and wear comfortable shoes! Yuiopyy, Tripadvisor.

May 2014

Guided Tour of Albaicin and the Old Town of Granada. Granada is a stunning and ancient city and a guided tour is a really great way to get a feel of the place at the beginning of your stay. Our guide was from the Granada itself and her love of her home town really came across during the tour (which lasted around and hour and a half, she really conveyed the history and feel of the town so much better than reading it from a book! We were lucky enough to be the only people on the tour so it felt like being shown around by a friend of a friend – although I’m sure the tour company would have preferred it if there had been more takers!
It was a shame that the Arabian Baths were closed for restoration at the time of our visit (I believe they are open again in June), but we saw a number of other hidden gems, which we would never have found ourselves just by walking round, such as the Moorish Merchant’s Guesthouse and the Oratory of the old Islamic University. Personally I would recommend the evening tour (especially in the summer because of the heat) but also as the city really starts to come into it’s own in the later part of the day. JMLevey, Tripadvisor

Jean and I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful holiday you provided for us. We had more than enough information, lovely and well positioned hotels, excellent guided tours and those little extras such as an authentic Flamenco show, which helped make our holiday so enjoyable. We followed many of your recommendations for eating out with great success. Please let us know of any other tours you might offer in the future. Thanks once again for such a memorable holiday. Mike Sedman, UK, LemonValleyHollidays.

The city guides too were excellent. Transport was smooth and easy and presented no problems whatsoever. The concept of assisted but not group or escorted travel is, I think, a good one or at least it seemed to suit me. Sara Graham, Australia, LemonValleyHollidays.

An awesome tour with a great guide (Juan) who was very informative and friendly. Seif B, Viator.

Really, quite good. We were walked through the old parts of the city and taken to a beautiful view of the Alhambra. Some history provided by the guide. Todd A, Viator

The young lady was very interesting and clear whilst having to deliver the information in both English and Spanish. Philip gorner, Mi Reserva Online. May

Granada with Carmen. Carmen was an excellent guide. Her English was very good and we learned a lot about Granada. She was very friendly and answered all of our questions with enthusiasm. It was an amazing morning in that fascinating town. Makwa 13, Tripadvisor.

History with Humour. We did the Christianity/ Muslim Granada tour with a guide called Juan. He had a light touch and a sense of humour and on an easy walk through the old town we briefly visited a number of sites that normally charged an entry fee but our entry was included in the 15 euro tour cost.(so it was a good way of seeing if you wanted to go back) . At the end of the tour I was a lot wiser about the history of Granada than at the beginning! Stephen H, Tripadvisor.

Totally manageable. Our guide, Juan, led us through the city center and the lower Albaycin. Though the tour lasted 2.5 hours and was mostly uphill, we never got tired and Juan never ran out of stories. The pace was perfect and the tour covered everything we wanted to see. A+, would recommend. Brenda H,

An Excellent Introduction to Granada. We were a group of nine for our evening tour of the Granada historical city centre and Albaycin. This was a good size for this tour. We would not have wanted to have a larger group as it would have been difficult to navigate some of the “tighter” spaces in the Albaycin and, more importantly, it would have been difficult to hear our guide. As it was, Carmen did an excellent job–always speaking slowly and clearly and making sure all of us could hear her and understand her. (She was especially concerned for a few of the members of our group for whom English was definitely not their first language.) Carmen was very knowledgeable about the sights on the tour and about the history of Granada. She has an excellent command of English and a nice sense of humour, which made the tour with her all the more enjoyable. The walk itself was leisurely enough so that even the uphill sections were not too strenuous–even for seniors–and, of course, the views from the upper lookout and other higher areas were superb and more than worth the effort. We took the tour our first day in Granada, and would recommend it to all first-time visitors. It set up our visit to the Alhambra the following day very nicely. We recommend this tour very highly especially if you have Carmen as your guide and if you are in a small group. Ideally, there should be a limit to the number of participants in each tour; it should be no more than 10 and eight would be even better.2Naramatians, Tripadvisor.

We took this Granada walking tour on our first day in Granada to help us to get acquainted with the city. Our guide Juan was excellent. Really informative and a pleasant personality. The walk lasted nearly three hours although not too strenuous. Would recommend this tour with Cicerone to anyone. David S, Tripadvisor

Very interesting tour of the city and Albaizin in Granada. Juan – the tour guide was a knowledgeable and likeable young man. Would recommend to anyone. David Spencer, Mi Reserva Online.

Walking Tour of Old Granada. We had booked a walking tour in English through Cicerone as part of our trip to Granada. The walking tour was excellent and comprehensive, in large part because of the quality of our guide, Stephanie. She had very good English, really knew her history and about the cultural places we were visiting. Most of all, Stephanie exhibited a natural interest in the tourists in her group, and proved to be a most enjoyable and helpful person. After hearing other guides giving their speeches almost in automatic mode, it was refreshing to have such a pleasant and personal guide. TheCr00ks, Tripadvisor

Get an insight view of Granada, walking through narrow streets up and down. Very personal and competently guided tour through the old town of Granada. Recommended if you feel comfortable to walk these old steps and streets! Suse711, Tripadvisor

June 2014

Very dedicated guide. It was a raining day when I booked my tour. Despite the heavy rain, Stefanie was a very dedicated guide and explained to us a lot of information about the city. I really enjoyed it. So I recommended the tour to my travel buddies. They did not go in the morning because of the rain. They joined the tour led by Juan. My buddy told me that Juan is really good and is so familiar with the area and told a lot of interesting story about Albaicin. Overall, well worth the 12 euro for the walking tour. Thanks, cicerone! Forte2014, Tripadvisor

Excellent guided tour. After a couple of days in Granada we thought that we had ran out of attractions and sites (even though it is an amazing city), but we couldn’t be more wrong. We chose the evening tour around Albaycín and Sacromonte and walked around to see stunning views of Alhambra. Our guide was from Granada and had extensive knowledge about the city and its history. The trip lasted nearly two hours and the only regret I have is having done it on our last day in the city. During the trip we went around many interesting places to which I’d like to come back, but unfortunately we were leaving next morning. PaulinePantufa, Tripadvisor

Guided walking tour of Granada. Excellent guide, she was very pleasant, polite, informative and patient. Our group had a tendency to ‘wander’. Although we had done most of the area she took us to already, on our own, it was nice to have the history behind the places we had visited. She also told us about some of the hidden gems that we then went back to after our walk (the mausoleum of Isabelle and Ferdinand). Well worth the money. Highly recommended. MissAnnieG, Tripadvisor

Great start to our Granada visit. Recently booked a tour and had Carmen as our guide. We had a lovely time and learned a lot about Granada that helped us to then plan the remainder of our stay in the city. Carmen was very nice and made sure we all had a great time despite it being a grey and rainy day. We saw many places that we never would have found on our own, even armed with a tour book. We would highly recommend this walking tour for those going to Granada for their first visit! Jaime Z, Tripadvisor

Excellent overview of Granada. We both thoroughly enjoyed our tour through the history of Granada with our guide, who was friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to answer all our questions in depth. We felt a rich understanding of the old city, the present uses of important historic buildings, and the stories behind them. dadirri7, Tripadvisor.

Juan was a superb guide!!! Juan did an outstanding job. The tour was so well priced so I wasn’t sure about what kind of quality I would get with this tour but Juan knew so much about the city of Granada. He toured us around and made history come alive by explaining as he took us places that illustrated what he was talking about. Juan is an engaging personality and very likable. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy touring us and he showed his pride for the city and all its nuances. Thank you, Juan! Chamow, Tripadvisor

Descriptive Strolling. I opted for the 10.30am start time and with a small group we embarked on a stroll through the Catedral area and then into the Albaicin before returning to the start some 2 hrs later. The history of the area and certain key buildings (some of which we were able to visit) was described by the guide as we went along.
This was an English language tour and it was very understandable (though it could be difficult to hear all that was said if the group had been too large). The guide was cheery, clear to understand, happy to answer questions and kept up the commentary to make the walk interesting. The walk was not strenuous though taking a bottle of water is recommended given the time of year. The tour price, discounted with production of the Bono Turistico card, was good value. Cartouche, Tripadvisor.

Carmen was very knowledgeable about the city of Granada. We saw many places we would not have found on our own as tourists. A great intro to the city and especially the Albaicin. We got good ideas of what to do on our own during the remainder of our stay in Granada. We would definitely suggest that first time visitors consider this tour! Jamie Z, Viator.

Excellent experience. Our guide was friendly and very knowledgeable. Jennifer R, Viator.

This was a very worthwhile tour to take. Granada is a city rich with history and culture and we could not have done nearly as good a job of getting the gist of the city and seeing all of the right little nooks and crannies without the help of a native tour guide. Our guide (I am forgetting her name now but she was a lovely native of Granada who had learned her English as a nanny in Britain…she was excellent) had a real grasp of the history and culture of Granada. She communicated well, was able to walk the crazy hills of the city without fatigue, and we covered more in two hours than we could have done on our own in two days. You need to be physically fit to take this tour, but it is a superb way to see the old city of Granada and the Albaicin. Don’t miss this. Alix Friend, Viator.

This was a great tour. Carmen our tour guide was very knowledgeable, and personable, we stayed at the tapas bar for more drinks and tapas. Mromagnolo, Viator.

Juan is very knowledgeable about the city. While he must do these tours often, he made everything seem fresh and exciting. His English is excellent, he is professional, but has a very welcoming manner. Great employee – keep him! Lauren Stolper, Mi Reserva Online

We were lucky enough to be the only two people on this tour. Our guide was terrific and provided us with an abundance of fascinating history and local knowledge. Christina C, Viator

I took this tour with Lemon Valley Holidays in June 2009 and simply had to come back and do it all again! I love having all the bookings made for us, the hotels, the trains, the flamenco, the Alhambra, the guided tours and yet at the same time being independent. Many, many thanks for all your good work in making our trip so successful, Daphne Passmore, Ireland, LemonValleyHollidays

Carmen was a great tour guide. We really enjoyed the walking tour of Granada and learned a lot about the history. Jeffrey Tso, Mi Reserva Online. July

Very interesting and as there was only four of us it was very personal. Patricia A D, Viator

July 2014

Stephanie took us on a delightful morning tour through many interesting parts of Granada. It was the first thing we did when we got to the city and it really helped us get a feeling for the city, the culture and the geography. Stephanie was friendly and knowledgeable. The pace was easy and relaxing and the group was a nice small size so it was always easy to hear what she had to say. I would definitely recommend this tour as a good beginning in a visit to Granada.Karen M, Tripadvisor

Taking this 2.5 hour walking tour in the evening on our first day in Granada was a great way to acquaint us with the city. We walked around the historic Centro and around the narrow cobbled streets of Albaicin. We also saw good views of the Alhambra. I suggest you wear thick soled shoes as the cobbles are large. SweetpeaO, Tripadvisor

My guide Nabil was wonderful. He was nice and helpful. Great job! It was a hot day and he was very careful finding us places to hydrate and cool off throughout the visit. Israeleon, Tripadvisor

My husband and I did three walking tours with this company – a group walking tour of the Historical City Centre & Albayzin Neighbourhood and private tours of the Alhambra & Generalife and the Cathedral & Royal Chapels. The tour guides were excellent – all spoke good English and were extremely knowledgeable. I make special mention of Berthus, who was our tour guide for the Alhambra & Generalife as he was really good – he customised the tour to suit our interests and his stories really brought the place to life for us. The Alhambra is so big that it really is worth paying for a private tour guide to show you around and get the most out of it. Farell99, Tripadvisor.

My family and I did a morning tour with Carmen and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Carmen was very personable and was very good at explaining the history of all the places to which we walked. The tour is about 2.5 hours of walking – wear comfortable shoes – and gives you a good overview of several of the most interesting areas of Granada. I would recommend folks do one of these tours upon arrival as they will give you a good idea of areas that you may want to return to and spend a bit more time during your visit. Also, make sure to ask Carmen for the inside scoop on some of the best Tapas bars along the way. Jwgcscg85, Tripadvisor

We both were surprised with how much we learned! The tour was held both in English and Spanish. It would have been preferable for the tour to just be held in one language but in the low season it is probably difficult to do that given the low numbers. Nevertheless we would still chose the tour as it was informative and brought Granada’s history to life for us. StewDanielle D, Tripadvisor

Very interesting walk. I did a walking tour “Granada, Center of History” in July 2014. The tour guide was named Carmen and she spoke very good English. The tour is ca 2,5 hours and very interesting. Found out lots of facts about the city’s history. There was a bit of confusion at first because my voucher said the meeting place was at City Hall, but the website said Plaza Bib-Rambla. Well, I waited at City Hall and a guide came and fetched me, then we walked to Bib-Rambla where others joined the group. I would recommend the walking tour to others. Please note that you need to be in reasonably good health, because there is a lot of walking. And if it’s summer you need to bring a water bottle. Anyegr, Tripadvisor

Wonderful. Our tour guide was excellent. Recommended. CG P, Viator. 

It was good. Yesim D, Viator.

August 2014

Nous avons fait deux visites avec cette agence : une du centre historique et de l’albaicin et l’autre qui s’appelle “la granada misteriosa”. Les deux sont vraiment supers. Nous avons appris plein de choses et le guide nous a raconté plein d’anecdotes vraiment sympas. Nous vous recommandons cette agence si vous voulez connaître Grenade, son histoire et des anecdotes inédites. Si vous tombez sur le même guide que nous, Juan, vous passerez un moment vraiment agréable!! Stephanie D, Tripadvisor.

The walking tour we took in Granada was wonderful. It gave us a good overview of many parts of the city in a painless way. We did it after having done a tour of Alhambra in the morning and didn’t find it to be too much. IanMarquis, Tripadvisor

A great tour. Great overview of the city and spectacular views. Sophia was very personable and knowledgeable! Jill A, Tripadvisor.

We truly enjoyed the twilight walking tour of Granada and Albaicin. Estafania, our guide, was very knowledgeable and we enjoyed her insights into some of the more out of the way places. The streets were quiet in the late evening and we were able to appreciate the atmosphere of these old, historic neighbourhoods away from the tourist rush of the day. Definitely recommend Cicerone’s tours. Farialengli, Tripadvisor

I loved that tour it was so authentic and the local guide knew what she was talking about and she was so nice and knowledgeable as well. I do recommended to take the tour too know many things about Grenada. Dalal A, Viator
This tour was amazing! Sandra H, Viator

September 2014

Muito boa a experiência! A guia era muito boa e nos contou e mostrou muitas coisas interessantes. O bairro é bem pitoresco, mas estava muito vazio, pois era domingo. Eu e minha filha adoramos o passeio!!! Christiane M, Viator.

La visite auprès de Maria M’était vivante, documentée et agréable. Toutefois les tarifs restent supérieurs à d’autres visites guidées et privées, de Séville et Malaga par exemple. Mylene falconis, Mi Reserva Online.

Sofia was excellent. Richard Ireland, Mi Reserva Online. September

A fantastic guide who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Nicky Campbell, Mi

Reserva Online.

Really enjoyed this tour; a great introduction to Granada. The guide was knowledgeable and we learnt a lot about the history. Would recommend. Angela C, Viator.

Highly recommended!!! Knowledgeable with perfect sense of humour-perfect combination!!! Juan and Stephanie (our guides) definitely exceeded our expectations. They shred their love for Granada with us and we are very grateful. Irina O, Tripadvisor.

October 2014

Home in Tasmania and wish to thankyou for your part in my great holiday. Loved the south of Spain and really enjoyed the terrific hotels and tours you booked. Just loved it all. Bye for now and hope to talk to you again. Marion Merickel, Australia, LemonValleyHollidays.

Stephanie led us through the historical city and the Albaicin. Learnt loads from our very informative and charming guide! twobeans3…, Tripadvisor

We booked this tour recommended in Rick Steve’s Spain and were very satisfied. The guide spoke heavily accented English but was full of interesting and historical facts. We visited areas that we certainly would have missed without her. Hloisella, Tripadvisor.

November 2014

We took the Alhambra Palace tour with Maria and it was amazing, Maria’s knowledge is outstanding and she made it a thoroughly enjoyable evening for our first Alhambra visit. We would not have known about so much about Alhambra if it hadn’t been for our fabulous guide…highly recommended. Diana B, Tripadvisor