Guests’ Book 2012

February 2012

“Nick and I are grateful for your willingness to switch days for the walking tour in Granada- it meant that we were able to enjoy our tour to the Albayzin… Please accept our sincere thanks for your contribution to our trip” Lemon Valley Holidays. Moira Carley.

“We were very happy with our guide, Fernando. He was knowledgeable and attentive, answered our questions, showed us things that we certainly wouldn’t have discovered without him. So we were very pleased” Rodrid Breithwaite.

March 2012

“Everything worked impeccably: the walking tours in Granada, they turned out to be very pleasant and informative, and meant we saw a number of things we would never have seen for ourselves… I would like to recommend your services as widely as possible” Lemon Valley Holidays. Rodric Braithwaite.

“Very good introduction to Granada. And good recommendation for tapas afterwards!” Windsor Rackham

April 2012

“All of our group would give you the highest marks for the tour. Everything was perfect. We specially liked the two people we worked with. The woman in the booth was so nice and competent, and our guide Fernando did a great job. His comments were an integrated whole, which I liked very much. He made our tour very enjoyable. All the arrangements were very easy and things went smoothly. David Ruedig.

“Very nice and not-commercial approach, very smart and intelligent guides and we got infected a lot by their love for the city” Agnese Krivade.

“First, a very big thank you to Maria Angustias, who ran the tour during the chaos of the National Strike. Her English was very clear and her information about the transition of culture in Granada was site specific and well presented… it is nice to be lead and taught by a professional”Trip Advisor. Twylaout.

“Excellent walking tour with knowledgeable guide. Easy to find the start and meeting place. Small group which was great. We learnt a lot and had all our questions answered too. Thoroughly recommend this walking tour” Trip Advisor. Liz.

“Rosa was our guide for five English speakers. Her English was very easy to follow and understand. Her speeches made it all worthwhile, she was like an enthusiastic collegue lecturer. Her knowledge was solid and and presented in an easy-to-understand manner. If she is a representative example of this company’s guides and presentation, I would highly recommend this tour” Trip Advisor.

“Our guide, Maria Angustias, was very knowledgeable, spoke excellent English and led a group of 12 people on a very interesting tour” Trip Advisor. Daniel G

May 2012

“The guides were more than knowledgeable, they were also fun to be with. We had a tremendous time” Lemon Valley Holidays. Roger Manzur.

“Really well done. One of my favourite thing in Granada” Jim Gray.

“We enjoyed the tour very much! Our guide told many interesting details and nice stories. She gave us fulltime attention and was very nice and friendly” Gina de Rooj.

June 2012

“Thank you for suggesting Cicerone Tours Granada. María Valdecasas has been very helpful to me and my clients. They were traveling on the Oceania Riveria cruise ship and had a one day visit to Granada. I appreciate your help” Carolyn Rothberg. Plaza Travel

“We had to drag ourselves away from Granada, as we loved every minute of it and love more time there- next time! Also Maria Angustias, who did the walking tour there was so interesting and knowledgeable. That was a great historical walking tour. We look forward to the rest of our trip and send our thanks your way!” Lemon Valley Holidays. Ceris Arns

“We very much enjoyed our tour with Cristina. She was very knowledgeable and charming. Thank you for your cooperation and help in planning our tour” Rich Schnidman

“A great way to start your visit in Granada to get to know the layout of the city and its history. We usually don’t take city tours but this one was fantastic and made us understand and recognize architecture from different times” Trip Advisor. Ellianne.

July 2012

“Our tour guide was Estefania and she was obviously very knowledgeable about the history and architecture of Granada. I found her very interesting and we visited places that we probably would have skipped or, if we had visited, not completely understood. I also greatly appreciated her willingness to comment on subjects that didn’t directly relate to the tour” Trip Advisor.

“Thouroughly enjoyed our walking tour of central Granada and the Albayzin quarter. Very professional and entertaining guide. Excellent communication from local tour operator to keep you informed” Vinces

“Very good tour. Content was perfect and very interesting. Estefania made the city much more interesting” Ming Wu

“The tour at about two hours was just the right lenght. Covered enough of the Old Grenada area to get a good sense of the city. The guide was enthusiastic and spoke English well. The tour took us to a couple of sites that we probably wouldn’t have found ourselves like the old merchants inn” Trip Advisor.

“Goog walking tour (about two hours), covering the main history and buildings in old Granada. Pointed out buildings and other things I would have otherwise missed. Enjoyable and interesting. Bring your camera” Trip Advisor. Mingu

“Everyone was very positive. A little too hot for some but tour interesting so thank you very much!” Jen. Topdeck Travel

August 2012

“It was essential in taking you through areas one might have gotten lost in, or bypassed, with little understanding of what one was seeing, I did enjoy the experience. Hence the 4 stars” Trip Advisor. Arby.

September 2012

“We read about the tour in Rick Steves’ book about Spain. Maria Angustias was very knowledgeable, personable, and made things interesting” Sheri Smith.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the tour as it was a great way to easily learn about Granada while seeing it. Berthus was great!” Concetta Conkling

“I’m glad that everything has gone well for you with our groups this season. We have also been very happy with everything, and our passengers’ feedback has been great too. I think they have all been really enjoying the tours, just as we hoped!” Topdeck Travel England

October 2012

“We did a walking tour of Granada given in English by a knowledgeable student, Carmen, who gave us a good understanding of the history of Granada and an insight into the cultures that had built the town. It was a well paced tour and everyone had their questions anwered well. Carmen did a great job at making sure we all understood” Trip Advisor. Niccols.

November 2012

“Carmen was a fantastic tour guide, she was extremely knowledgeable and very kind. We loved spending the day with her learning a great deal about the city of Granada. Also, she has a high level of English and was able to conduct the bilingual tour without any problems” Rachel Springer.

“The tour was conducted in excellent English. The company and their guide treated me great! I would recommend them to any and all looking for a good overall view of Granada and its monuments” Trip Advisor. Jack B