Guests’ Book 2011

June 2011

The tours were good. The guides, lovely. I would have liked some Jewish History content, but i was enthralled with the description of the Golden Age under the Moors for about 700 years.Arlene Schwartz. Lemon Valley Holidays.

May 2011

We joined the Historical City Centre and Albayxin walking tour, and would like to send a special thank you to our guide, Rosa. She was very professional, knowledgeable. We’d enjoyed her tour very much. We hope you could continue this tour as it’s very good for tourists to understand the history of Granada. Mary Chan.

My crew and I would like to thank you and your team for the kind assistance and cooperation during our shoot in Granada last week. We have successfully completed our filming. The video clips will be posted on International Breaks portal, YouTube and Club Dance Holiday’s site. Thank you again to our Guide, Rosa from Cicerone Granada and the team at Patronato Provincial de Turismo. Arne Reddy

My friends and I took Cicerone’s walking tour of Granada.The tour was recommended in Rick Steve’s 2011 Spain guide book. They had two tour groups available on our morning (english and spanish groups). We took the english tour with our guide Rosa. Rosa provided a great detailed history of old Granada, including all the fascinating changes the city went through. The tour was for 2.5 hours so be ready with your comfortable shoes since you’ll be going uphill to see the Albayzin area. Trip Advisor. 

April 2011

The guides were very informative and arrived spot on time as arranged. David & Ann Fearey. Lemon Valley Holidays.

My friend and I were in Granada last week and took  the walking tour with Rosa. I just wanted to say how mucho we enjoy this. It opened up a whole new part of Granada which we may never have found on our own. She was charming and informative and it was one of our best experiences whilst in your tour. Carol Hill.

I took the Granada walking tour with two friends who came to visit me a few weeks ago, and we had a great time. Our animated tour guide gave a very detailed and thorough account of what has happened in Granada throughout the centuries and how the city has changed. Trip Advisor. 

March 2011

All our tour guides were excellent – extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Gill & Keith Morris.Lemon Valley Holidays.

Dear Maria Angustias, I used your services for a group I had in Granada in March of this year. We were very happy with our tour of the Alhambra. I would like tu arrange a new tour. Linda Urban