World tourism Day: Cicerone commits to sustainable tourism

On 27 September we celebrate the World Tourism Day, which aims to raise awareness in the “international community regarding the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value”.

This year, it’s accompanied by the slogan “Tourism and sustainable energy:  sustainable development” and at Cicerone, as it’s focused on tourism and sustainability, we just had to take part in the event. Everyone knows that tourism is one of the socio-economic pillars in the province of Granada. However, its growth should be controlled both responsibly and sustainably and that’s something we have to focus on and work together as public institutions and businesses.

We decided to make our routes accessible to everyone and organise 2 free guided visits, during which both Granadians and visitors alike could appreciate and enjoy the top-quality guided visits, for free, thanks to the landmark independent tourism company in Granada.

Tourism, a key global sector

National Tourism Day 2018 offers a unique opportunity to raise awareness amongst the public and private sectors, in addition to the general public, with regards to the contribution made by sustainable tourism to development, at the same time as mobilising all stakeholders to work together in order to transform tourism into a catalyst for change.

International tourism is very important in order to promote a better understanding between communities around the world, educate surrounding the richness of the heritage of different civilisations and appreciate the inherent values of the different cultures and consequently contributing to the strengthening of world peace.

This celebration has given Cicerone the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to sustainability and advance in a way which ensures the positive effects of well-handled tourism, orientated towards inclusive and balanced growth, sustainable development and peace.


“Sustainable tourism, a development tool”

Natural resources should be used optimally, respecting the communities which receive the visitors and ensuring that the economic activities are viable in the long term and that the profits are distributed fairly between those involved.

Tourism is a powerful tool in ending poverty, protecting the environment and improving quality of life. Well-devised and managed, this sector can significantly contribute to the three elements of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental). It is related to other sectors and can generate decent jobs and commercial opportunities.

It is key that all members, tourism companies included, are as aware of the opportunities as they are of the responsibilities which come with this activity and therefore act in a way that ensures the impact on the communities is both positive and guarantees sustainability.

As travellers, the diversity of the world we live in is what brings us together and gives us the opportunity to explore and experience, first-hand, the best of each culture and community. Respecting our world and everything that makes us different and unique will make your trip an even more valuable experience. Take a look at the Practical tips for the responsible traveller: Travel, enjoy and respect.