Pomegranates Gate

Pomegranates Gate, or Puerta de las Granadas, is the most popular and beautiful historic gate for entering the Nasrid palace grounds of the Alhambra through the Woods of the Alhambra.

Pomegranates gate

Luis Hurtado de Mendoza, third count of Tendilla and the second marquis of Mondéjar ordered the construction of this grand gate around 1536, which was carried out in the 16th century by Pedro Machuca and built on padded ashlars.

Known as the Puerta de las Granadas, it gets its name from the three pomegranates that are open and decorate the triangular pediment that crowns the main arch accompanying the imperial shield, along with the allegoric figures of Peace and Abundance.

This Renaissance gate was built replacing the original Islamic one, the Bib al-Buxar or Gate of the New Joys, also known as Bib al Jadaq or From the Trench, which was a defensive tower protecting the valley between the hill of the Sabika and Monte Mauror, with some architectural remains from Arabic times still being visible on the right side.

It is made up of three arches, a middle one for carts and two others for pedestrians: the right one leads to Torres Bermejas, the Auditorio Manuel de Falla and Carmen de los Mártires, while the left one formerly known as the Cuesta empedrada (cobbled hill) leads to the southern flank of the wall of the Alhambra where there are various entrances to the Nasrid palace, the Puerta de la Justicia and the Puerta de los Carros. The middle arch, the largest one, gives access to a paved pedestrian path that was used for public and private transport, a road leading to Palacio de Carlos V, the church of Santa María de la Alhambra and the Parador Nacional de San Francisco.

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